Top 5 Best-Selling Lumba Rakhi in the Rakhi Wholesale Market

Among the various versions of rakhi in the Indian market, the Lumba Rakhi is unique in every aspect, whether its design or significance in celebrating Rasha Bandhan.

According to Sanskrit the words ‘‘Raksha’’ translates to ‘protection’ and ‘‘Bandhan’’ translate to ‘bond’ in English respectively. Historically and mythologically the festival of Raksha Bandhan is the Indian civilization that dates back to ancient times.

Rakhis are associated as a symbol of protecting the bond of relations. Though primarily the festival is associated with the celebration of siblinghood and majorly depicts the bond between brothers and sisters.

The sacred threads of rakhi have more value to them other than just carrying symbolism. Let’s find out more about Lumba rakhis and what is so unique about them?

Originating from the state of Rajasthan the Lumba Rakhi is a custom among the people of Marwari culture and now is globally popular. In the Marwari language, the word Lumba means ‘‘bangle’’. And the rakhi tied to this bangle is called Lumba rakhi.

These rakhis are much different from the traditional rakhis in appearance. The Lumba rakhi design is much more slender and vibrant in colors, made perfect for the Indian attires. Rakhi manufacturer in Jaipur has created Lumba rakhis for a long time.

The tradition of wearing these rakhis is mostly seen among the women, particularly the sister-in-law of the family, the reason why this rakhi is so unique in nature, various traditional designs come from the rakhi manufacturer in Jaipur.

Conventionally rakhis are worn by brothers and sisters to ask for blessings on their behalf. This rakhi is one that is tied to the wife of the brother.  Now you may wonder what is the significance of these rakhis? Let’s have a look…

  • A large population of Rajasthan still believes in the concept of joint families and a large proportion of Marwari people still stay in big joint families. The notion of tying Lumba rakhi on the day of Raksha Bandhan is to bind the family stronger, as the sister not only ties rakhi to her brothers but also to the sister-in-law (bhabhi) creating a bond of love and togetherness. It is a gesture of not only strengthening the family but also welcoming and making her feel a part of the family.
  • The tying of Lumba rakhi also signifies the love and loyalty of a happily married life. With the tying of this rakhi, the sister wishes her brother and sister-in-law a healthy married life. It is not only a simple gesture but even an auspicious tradition of giving the much needed emotional support to the newly wedded couples.
  • The rakhi also carries out a spiritual significance, considering the current times for women who are enclosed in toxic environments, the Lumba rakhi is said to bring joy and positivity, care, compassion, a sense of belonging, sisterhood and the important part is making your sister-in-law feel secure in the environment she’s in. In addition, it safeguards marriage and promotes marital happiness.

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By now you’re familiar with the concept of this unique kind of rakhi in the Indian culture, there are various types of these manufactured and provided from the wholesale rakhi in Kolkata of Shree Rakhi.

We have a list of Lumba rakhis that we think will be the best for you to choose from.

Best Varieties of Lumba Rakhi from the House of Shree Rakhi.

Shree Rakhi provides you with numerous options to choose from. On this Raksha Bandhan, if you’re wondering to buy rakhi online and get these unique types of rakhi for some good sales, Shree Rakhi solves your problem by providing the best rakhi India online with optimum quality, choices, and the convenience to get your order delivered to your doorstep.

Among the choices, the designs, and the quality of the rakhi the best among the wholesale rakhi in Kolkata is Shree Rakhi. Let’s explore the different types of rakhi available at Shree Rakhi.

  1. Set Lumba Rakhis – At Shree Rakhi you can find beautiful sets of Lumba rakhis with different designs. These set rakhis come with a bracelet rakhi traditional known as the ‘bajuband’ and a Lumba rakhi in pairs.

They are designed in a way that the rakhis have the same kind of pearls, and studded stones and maintained the color sequence accordingly.

You can find Lumba rakhis as Moti set, Pendant set, and Antique set at Shree Rakhi.

Each of these is unique in its designs as if we take the Pendant Set Rakhi, these rakhis are studded with sparkling stones and deliver the significance of the precious bonds the sisters create with their sisters-in-law.

Stone studded rakhis are always in demand because of their unique designs along with the emotions and affection it carries for the person wearing them. These Pendant sets of this Rakhi category are highly popular in the Lumba rakhi online among dealers every year and are unique enough to captivate you.

Now if you take a turn to out Moti Set Rakhis and Antique Set Rakhis from the same category of Shree Rakhi, both have their own individual style and charm in them respectively.

The Moti Set Rakhis are designed with a lot of bright pearls, paired with vibrant hues of threads. These rakhis are a perfect example of the beauty of handmade craftsmanship with a modern touch in their designs.

The Antique Set Rakhis bring out that traditional feel through their detailed designs and intricate traditional motifs used in them.

You can find all of Lumba rakhi online at the official website of Shree Rakhi and even order rakhi in bulk from there.

  1. Kada Rakhis – The Kada Rakhis from the house of Shree Rakhi is the latest and very current trend in the market. These rakhis are quite exceptional and special in their designs and are considered to be the heavy Lumba Rakhis.

As the name suggests the Kada Rakhis can be also called the bangle rakhis for the name’s literal translation is ‘bangle’ in various Indian languages. These rakhis are an uncommon kind in this Rakhi category as they’re designed over bangles and are very popular among women.

At Shree Rakhi you can find four varieties of these Kada rakhis, such as the 3 Line Kada, Gota Kada, M Kada, Jaipur Kada, Double Kada, and the Moti Kada. Coming from the rakhi manufacturer in Jaipur these rakhis have gained popularity all through the country and outside.

Rakhis like 3 Line Kada are designed over a wide bangle with multi-color threads and beads hanging from the threads of the Kada. While the Moti Kada is handcrafted with dazzling pearls and beads, it remains a popular choice for women.

Though the literal meaning of the word Gota means metal wires can be gold or copper over the fabric in beautiful intricate designs though, the Gota Rakhi you find at Shree Rakhi is crafted with bright laces over bangles and is one of the traditional rakhis coming from the state of Rajasthan.

The Jaipur Kada is a handcrafted rakhi from Shree Rakhi with beautiful roses made with laces over large-sized bangles and can be perceived as the heavy Lumba Rakhi. This rakhi portrays the traditional style with art in its features.

Other Kada rakhi that you should definitely opt for this Raksha Bandhan is M Kada and Double Kada. These rakhis are a perfect choice for this rakhi festival as they are traditional and colorful.

It is easier to find Shree Rakhi for these uncommon rakhis, you just have to find out the rakhi wholesale near me on Google and find us at the top page.

  1. Fancy Rakhi – You can find a wide range of fancy Lumba Rakhi online from the house of Shree Rakhi. These rakhis are created by skilled artisans and show off the designer version in them.

This range is greatly popular among people who are looking for something new and unique in every Raksha Bandhan festival. You can find rakhis like Mini Lumba, Lazer, Card PKG, Fancy Card, and Roli Chawal Rakhi.

These Lumba Rakhi designs are quite popular for their modern style with a ting of traditional elements in them. Shree Rakhi brings to you the best in both quality and following the current trends of the market.

Rakhis like Mini Lumba and Lazer rakhis look wise traditional Lumbas and even aesthetically pleasing. Made with bright colorful beads and ribbons, according to custom the dangling Lumba is tied to the wrist of the sister-in-law.

In this Rakhi festival, you can find two varieties of Card PKG rakhis in the Lumba Rakhi Category. The Card PKG rakhi is designed with beautiful tassels and bright colors and the other Card PKG Rakhi is made with studded stones. These rakhis bring out the true essence of festivities through them.

The Fancy Card Rakhi is also popular and a worthwhile item to invest in this Raksha Bandhan, especially if you are looking for something different and unique.

The Roli Chawal Rakhi is a beautiful rakhi with the traditional Roli and Chawal (rice grains which are used as ‘tilak’ for any Indian ritual, this rakhi presents the perfect traditional ways of the Indian culture and even they come in small little thalis.

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