Buy Rakhi online – 5 Different Design Of Rakhi For Brother

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If this Raksha Bandhan you are looking for options to buy rakhi online for your shop straight from the manufacturers, then Shree Rakhi is your ultimate one-stop destination. The essence of celebrating siblinghood comes with the custom of tying rakhis.

India has always been a melting pot of various cultures and traditions, and through each of these festivals, we express our love and affection for our family and friends. Contributing to this tradition Shree Rakhi has been contributing to solely this sector for more than 65+ years.

Whenever rakhi season comes you always wonder what to get this time, which designs are trending, or which kids rakhi to order and I bet every year you want the very unique design. Now you may wonder why Shree rakhi? What different or brand-new we can get here to bring business growth.

Why should you choose Shree Rakhi over other Rakhi manufacturers?

At Shree Rakhi you get more than 10,000+ designs catering to every side of your sister-brother bond as every year a new collection area is added to the existing diverse range of rakhi which is able to reach 650 districts and 1000+ villages across India, through 9000+ dealers and rakhi supplier.

Shree Rakhi has been able to deliver the best products for over six decades, now with a growing team of 150000+ all over India expanding and setting trends till-date. With our unique expertise in ‘Zari-Zardousi’ artworks, we are able to create a trendsetter in the rakhi fashion for the past 6 decades.
This sums up the fact that it has been the most trusted manufacturer of rakhi all over India gathering an experience of 65 years and setting the trends each new season.

With the new fast-changing technology different types of rakhi has come up with a variety of designs, patterns, and styles and the option to buy rakhi online is a key feature these days.

How to Buy Rakhi online?

Wondering how? Here are the simple steps..

  • Reach the official website of Shree Rakhi.
  • You can see the Whatsapp Menu just to the left of your screen. Simply click on it to reach directly to the chatbox to discuss and place your order.
  • You can also find the number to call and the official email address at the top of the website.
  • Or you can also place your order through a whatsapp video call. Choose your designs via whatsapp catalogue.

P.S there are limited designs displayed over whatsapp catalogue. You can always ask for more.

  • The minimum purchase value is 25000/-.

P.S We only entertain for the wholesale purposes only. The individual buyer with smaller order values can get our rakhis from Rakhi retailers.

Here let’s explore a list of 5 different rakhis all having distinct values and meanings associated with them.

OM Rakhi

Om is popularly referred to as a universal chant in Hindu culture, but it’s also used in other religions across the globe. Many religious and spiritual institutions use Om as their cornerstone for leading peaceful meditations with positive intentions to make the world a better place – and not just themselves.

The celebration of Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious occasion in India and with the OM Rakhi, sisters also want the blessings of Lord Shiva to be showered over their brothers. The love between siblings is unparalleled, every sister would want something signifying for their brothers.

Cultures and traditions are a mode to bind this beautiful relation and in this digital age, nothing can create a hitch in your festivals as Shree Rakhi helps you to order rakhi online for your loved brothers.You can buy rakhi online from our official website.

 Swastik Rakhi

In Indian religion, the symbol of God and spirituality is associated with the Swastik symbol. The four branches imply various folds of divinity be it the four Vedas, the four Varnas, or the four-faced Bhramha who spreads holy knowledge in all four directions.

The symbol has significance as it is said to attract health, good luck, well-being, and purity. It is used in various puja rituals of Hindu households as it implies life on earth in Indian culture and civilization.

Mostly at these rituals, the symbol is made on a Kalash with the help of kumkum (vermilion) but I bet you would want a more permanent version for your brothers. When you’re scouting for the best one for your brothers the Swastik rakhi can be your best fit.

You can always buy rakhi online or send them directly to your brothers or siblings who live far away and wish them happiness and pure good luck.

Lumba Rakhi

A unique feature of the Rakhi festival is the Lumba Rakhi, traditionally this rakhi originates from the Marwari culture of Rajasthan. It loosely translates as ‘Bangle’ and is mostly tied to the sisters-in-law of a family.

The rakhi is a symbol of honor and thus makes her feel like a part of the family. There are few other importance of Lumba rakhi in our culture. As it is tied by the sister to the sister-in-law (brother’s wife) the rakhi is seen as a gesture to have harmony in the family life beautifying their married life.

Rakhis crafted in this manner are highly attractive and striking to the eye, making them popular among the women population of the country. And it’s obvious that festivals are not bound to only brothers and sisters but can be expanded to other spectrums.

At Shree Rakhi you get a wide range of Lumba rakhi, which are also very trendy nowadays. Additionally, you can also get the Bhaiya Bhabi set which has a Rakhi and Lumba rakhi combined. You can order them in bulk or buy rakhi online from the official website.

American Diamond Rakhi

If you want to present to your siblings a more permanent and well-crafted rakhi the American Diamond rakhi will be the best option to go for

The attractive diamonds are indeed able to capture the eye and even hand out your rare love for them. It carries out the message of honor you feel for them for being in your life and how priceless you find their love to be.

These rakhis have a lasting effect on them as they also serve as a bracelet creating that sophisticated and elegant aura for them. You can buy rakhi online from our official website.

Cartoon Rakhi

Among so many colorful threads, stones, and vibrant designs there always be that one rakhi that you need for your Little brother or cousin who is obsessed with cartoons.

In recent times the influence of cartoons or animation has been so enormous that the market space for such rakhis has increased drastically. You can find various cartoons designed on rakhis be it Doremon or Ben ten or Motu Patlu, Peppa pig and it goes on to eternity.

Kids love these special rakhis and even adults find them amusing. If you want to create a special bond with your baby brothers ask Shree Rakhi’s kid’s range of rakhis. You can buy rakhi online from our official website.

Shop online for Rakhi at Shree Rakhi

The last two years of the pandemic have changed the way our festivals go, but nothing has stopped us from celebrating every moment. The convenience to buy rakhi online is a boon to all the sisters who live far away from their brothers or cousins.

As a manufacturer or wholesaler, the option to buy rakhi online saves your time and saves from the harassment of transporting products from one place to another. For not all distribution channel is located in one place and the internet helps you to reach every corner of the country.

There are other benefits that you get if you buy rakhi online, you get affordable deals as there are no middlemen working which means that you a  dealer get the rakhis directly from the manufacturer. It is also highly profitable for your business as it reduces the extra costs.

This digital age has made it so easier for us to buy rakhi online and Shree Rakhi has been able to deliver that essence for over six decades now with a growing team of 150000+ all over India expanding and setting trends till-date.