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Shree Rakhi is No.1 Rakhi Manufacturer in India!

Shree Rakhi, is the largest rakhi manufacturer in India, started as a woman’s effort to support her family. With attention to detail, artistic designs, quality materials, and personalized options, we’ve become a leader in the international market. We aim to grow alongside our Dealer Pariwar and set new standards in the Rakhi industry.

Shree Rakhi Leading Rakhi Manufacturer in India
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Why Us ?

Why Shree Rakhi is the MOST TRUSTED Rakhi Manufacturer in India?

Shree Rakhi, the largest Rakhi manufacturer in India, has gained its reputation through 65+ years of experience and an extensive range of curated designs. Our customized price ranges cater to diverse budgets. We prioritize consumer feedback, building a wide network of dealers and wholesalers nationwide.

Join our Dealer Pariwar and experience the magic of Shree Rakhi.

The Legacy Top Rakhi Manufacturer in India


On order of 30,000 or above, our Rakhis with the desired packaging, reaches your doorstep and helps you grow your Rakhi business.


Once you are associated with the Dealers' Pariwar, we ensure that you can conduct your purchase over calls, video calls, website, or offline!


A Rakhi is an integral thread that keeps the spirit of siblinghood alive and thus we have a Rakhi for every pocket.

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Dealers Pariwar
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Legacy of Top Rakhi Manufacturer in India!

We at Shree Rakhi take great pride in being the largest rakhi manufacturer in India. It is our commitment to offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. Instead of engaging in price wars with competitors, we adopted a strategic pricing strategy. This approach has helped us attract more rakhi wholesalers and become the top rakhi manufacturer in India. With our gem-like rakhi designs, high-quality yarn and affordable prices, we are India’s top choice. At Shree Rakhi Pariwar we are dedicated to growing with our whole Dealer Pariwar through tireless effort and superior designs for over 65+ years!

Becoming of Largest Rakhi Manufacturer in India

65+ Years of Legacy: Shree Rakhi Leading the Way

Shree Rakhi, the largest rakhi manufacturer in India, has been a pioneer in Raksha Bandhan celebrations for over 65 years. We are Eastern India’s leading and organized rakhi seller, offering a diverse range of unique designs, top-notch quality, and affordable prices. Our success stems from our ability to stay updated with the latest trends and cater to the evolving market needs. Shree Rakhi has built a legacy synonymous with the Rakhi festival.

Innovative Designs

Innovative designs and commitment to excitement—Shree Rakhi takes pride in setting trends.

Yearly Dealer's Meet

Shree Rakhi's Yearly Dealer's Meet: Embracing opportunities, honoring strong bonds.


Shree Rakhi's global reach strengthens sibling bonds, sharing love and tradition across borders.

Connected Dealer Pariwar

Shree Rakhi: Connected dealer "pariwar," forging lasting relationships and supporting each other through thick and thin.

Shree Rakhi Parivar


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