Best-selling handmade Rakhi designs for wholesalers in 2024


The sacred thread of Rakhi represents the unbreakable bond between a brother and sister, as well as a brother’s pledge to look out for his sister. For millennia, people have celebrated the festival of Rakshabandhan because Lord Krishna made Droupadi his sister and pledged to defend her anytime she thought of him in a moment of need.

The significance of handmade Rakhi designs for wholesalers

Handmade Rakhi designs are all the trend with wholesalers these days. Their unique and personalized qualities appeal to customers who value culturally authentic Rakhis. Traditional patterns, colours, and decorations further strengthen the cultural authenticity of Rakhi, and it is a prominent festival for Indians all around the world, not just in India.

Handmade Rakhis showcase the expertise of artisanal makers, allowing for personalization and customization. This increased perceived worth leads to higher profit margins for wholesalers. Offering sustainable and ethically made Rakhis can help preserve traditional handicrafts, promote economic growth, and support local craftsmen and communities.

Shree Rakhi: A one-stop solution for wholesalers

Shree Rakhi is a world-renowned brand that produces exquisitely handcrafted Rakhis. We ship our exclusive Rakhis to thousands of shops and distributors throughout India, even around the world. This blog is all about the stunning Rakhi designs that our skilled craftsmen create that are one-of-a-kind.

The Unique Handmade Rakhi Designs

There are many handmade Rakhi designs; however, we will explore the most popular ones.

1. AD (American Diamond) Rakhis

American diamond Rakhi is a traditional Rakhi featuring studded American diamonds, a popular and affordable alternative to real diamonds due to their striking visual similarity. American diamond Rakhis come in various patterns, designs, and elaborate configurations, making them a popular choice for fashionable and elegant Rakhi lovers. One of the particular configurations is the Stone Chain Rakhi.
Wholesalers and retailers frequently choose AD Rakhis due to their ability to blend seamlessly with both modern and traditional decor styles. Alternatively, it gives the buyer the illusion of a genuine diamond without breaking the bank. Wholesalers may take advantage of this low price point to entice budget-conscious consumers and boost sales.

2. Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi

Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi is a unique traditional Rakhi that is worn by both the brother and his wife (sister-in-law). Wishing the brother happiness and the sister-in-law a warm welcome to the family is a symbol of love and devotion. Crafted from threads, beads, stones, or metals, the Rakhi symbolizes cultural importance and togetherness throughout the extended family.

Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi is an exclusive offering for the subset of the Raksha Bandhan market that includes sisters-in-law. Wholesalers may broaden their consumer base by appealing to married people looking for Rakhi choices for their sisters-in-law, in addition to brothers and sisters.

3. Dori Rakhi

Dori literally translates to “thread” in Hindi. These Rakhis, entirely crafted from thread, adorn decorative beads, pearls, and sequins. Typically, we use silk, cotton, or nylon thread to make these Rakhis. If we follow tradition, we may say that they are the genuine Rakhis, as they highlight the importance of the thread used to tie them.

As a result of their rich cultural heritage, Dori Rakhis are in high demand among consumers. Dori Rakhis, made from affordable materials, appeal to a diverse range of customers with subtle to elaborate patterns, giving distributors the opportunity to reach a larger audience and increase sales.

4. Handicraft Rakhi

Handicraft Rakhis are crafted using traditional techniques like embroidery, beading, weaving, knitting, and crochet. The artists showcase their cultural heritage by crafting these unique and beautiful gifts from materials such as wool, cotton, silk, beads, sequins, feathers, shells, and other locally derived materials. Their innovative patterns and artistic expression result in unique designs.

Handicraft Rakhis are a great way for wholesalers to stand out from the competition, which in turn may increase sales, brand loyalty, client acquisition, and the need for unique Rakhis. People love to buy these one-of-a-kind Rakhis in abundance.

5. Kids Rakhi

Kids of all ages love Kids Rakhis, which include colorful and imaginative designs like animals, cartoons, and superheroes. They are available in a wide variety of shapes and designs, including animal figures, cars, and more. Features such as lights or sounds are also included in certain Rakhis. Usually, these Rakhis are made from non-toxic material for children’s safety.

The kids Rakhi segment has a huge market share, as these days’ kids only love these kinds of Rakhis. For wholesalers and retailers, kids Rakhis are a must-have product as they provide a variation on the regular Rakhis.

6. Loose Dori Rakhi

Loose Dori Rakhi, a variant of conventional Dori Rakhi, has a number of loose strands tied to the decorative elements. Made from satin ribbon, cotton thread, silk thread, or any other string, they may be embellished with tassels, sequins, or beads, similar to dori Rakhis.

Loose Dori Rakhis offer wholesalers flexibility, cost-effectiveness and customization options, making them a good choice for wholesalers looking to expand their product offerings and cater to diverse customer preferences.

7. Pendant Rakhi

The main element of a Pendant Rakhi is a beautiful pendant. The pendant’s form, size, and design may range from subtle and sophisticated to lavish and extravagant. Depending on the style and budget, it may be made from a variety of materials, such as metal, enamel, wood, clay, or even valuable stones and metals. Pendant Rakhis often have meaningful traditional motifs, religious symbols, or even personal touches.

Pendant Rakhis are a unique product category that caters to fashion-conscious customers, offers customization, and has a higher perceived value. They provide appeal, cross-promotion opportunities, and market differentiation.


In conclusion, handmade Rakhi designs have become increasingly popular among wholesalers due to their unique and personalized qualities. These designs showcase the expertise of artisanal makers and offer customization options, leading to higher profit margins. Wholesalers can cater to a wider consumer base by offering a variety of designs. If you are looking to procure Rakhis in bulk, whether you are a wholesaler or retailer, Shree Rakhi provides the best price, the best variety, and the best designs of Rakhis for your needs.

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