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While the world is commercialising evil biases that lead to war and corruption, Shree Rakhi plans to work the other way, of strengthening the bond of brotherhood with a thread of affection.

Shree Rakhi, Kolkata Rakhi manufacturers and the largest in India, being at the pinnacle of the Rakhi Industry has had a lineage of stories to be told about the thread that keeps fraternity alive and how we popularised the same among our clientele. It is the largest platform for online Rakhi wholesale. A Rakhi that is procured at the house of Shree Rakhi is not a sheer thread, but a thread that has evolved out of perfection.

One that understands the warmth in the relation between siblings. One that respects the history of siblinghood that has evolved out of India. Today Shree Rakhi caters to above 9000+ Dealers at over 1000 villages and 650 districts. With specialized perfection in different forms of artworks, the Rakhis from Shree Rakhi are considered mandatory for the celebration of Raksha Bandhan.

Presently over 9000+ Dealers are associated with the Shree Rakhi Pariwar spread all over India. Well what that means to us is that we are now a reason for 9000+ Indian families to smile. We have given over 100% growth to our Dealer Parivar members over the years and to cater them better and build relations up with newer members we host a Dealers’ Meet each year at Hyderabad and Delhi.

To us evolving is when we evolve with India!

Shree Rakhi, online rakhi wholesaler is the perfect epitome of tradition and modernity and Rakhi manufacturing is in their blood. And this is because in designing the Rakhi’s it maintains the traditional aspect with a hint of modernity. And that is why it has such a strong appeal to customers of all age. Shree Rakhi is also an example of ‘Make in India’ because it is doing business for last six decades and have created over 10,000+ unique Rakhi designs.

Shree Rakhi also engages in free shipping worldwide and provides seller support via call, video calls, website and also offline mode. Shree Rakhi’s business model is not only based on making profits, but it is also about building relationship and probably that is why it hold the NO.1 position in the market for the last 65 years! Products of Shree Rakhi rules the online Rakhi wholesale market!

Shree Rakhi - online Rakhi wholesale

Shree Rakhi’s online presence is ramping with 1000+ followers on both Facebook and Instagram. Shree Rakhi’s very own website www.shreerakhi.in regularly publishes blogs on business, brother-sister relationships, tips and tricks about the trade etc. With online presence Shree Rakhi has successfully glorified online rakhi wholesale and has the ability to reach a wider audience. At present you can buy Rakhi in bulk online by ordering from the online shop, WhatsApp catalogue and even via a video call. This ease and convenience in doing business has actually been responded in a very nice manner by the customers as well as the dealers.

Shree Rakhi proudly claims that they are one and only Rakhi wholesalers in Kolkata who engages with its customers through interesting, funny, relevant posts. The posts are a mixture of graphics, videos, carousel to make sure everyone who browses the page is entertained. Shree Rakhi once again proves that change is the only constant and thus the largest Rakhi manufacturer in India can be found on Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn along with a strong fan base in Instagram and Facebook. Many other Rakhi suppliers take products regularly from Shree Rakhi

How Shree Rakhi the online Rakhi wholesaler keep the tradition of Raksha Bandhan alive?

If you have a look into the 2022 Rakhi Collection of the best Rakhi manufacturer in Kolkata, Shree Rakhi, you can see designs for each and every one. Each design is so unique that it satisfies the needs of a wide range of customers. There is high level of customization in the products. The products like Priyam Dori, Parineeta, Mint Meena, Kids Rakhi, Evergreen Dori, Hello Bro, Batman Belt, Basuri, Stone Rakhi, Zardozi Lumba and many others like these are proof of the level of creativity and uniqueness of the Shree Rakhi team. It is like you name it and they have it.

Shree Rakhi largest manufacturer in India breaks the stereotypical notion that only a sister can tie a Rakhi to the brother. If you looking for bulk orders for online rakhi wholesale, Shree Rakhi is one stop destination.The collection features Rakhis which a sister can tie to a sister, sister-in-law or even a friend. Shree Rakhi celebrates the sheer pleasure of the bond of togetherness year after year bringing people together love and harmony.


Several factories spread out in over 100 km radius of Kolkata City and its suburbs have Shree Rakhi workers churning out over 3000 exquisite fresh/new rakhi designs every year


Shree Rakhi is equipped to undertake mass production of fancy patches, logos, tassels, belts, fashion accessories etc. The list is endless and the opportunities never cease to produce successful results!


Shree Rakhi sells its rakhis to more than 5,000 customers directly covering above 700 odd domestic locations/stations floating 10,000 odd varieties in various materials.

What Do We Do?

Being the Largest Rakhi Manufacturer in India was not a cakewalk for us. We have accumulated experience of designing and structuring over 10,000 designs of Rakhis in these 65+ years. We have Rakhi ranges that suit to every Dealer’s economic needs. And we are as well looking forward to expand our Dealer Pariwar beyond India in the upcoming years!

Our Mission

With a strong foothold in North India, Shree Rakhi plans to make its presence felt in South India too as being the single largest and most organised company in the Rakhi Industry from Eastern India! In order to keep its wholesalers updated with the trend in the industry, Shree Rakhi has been organizing a yearly exhibition in Delhi and Hyderabad, India.

History Of Us

Shri Jiwan Das Mohta nurtured his father’s dream along with his nephews, turning it into a brand to reckon with in the Rakhi Industry of India. With his keen, untiring business zeal and zest he has acquired a distinct place for Shree Rakhi by pioneering in works of “Zari Zardosi”.


Our Team

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