Introducing Our Kids Rakhi Collection for 2024! 

Adding a touch of joy to this Raksha Bandhan, Shree Rakhi presents its Kids Rakhi collection 2024. Specially designed to entertain children, these Rakhis boast brilliant hues and wonderful patterns. Our Kids Rakhis bring smiles to their faces, signifying the great link they have with their siblings. With imaginative designs that spark happiness, Shree Rakhi’s Kids Rakhi collection ensures that Raksha Bandhan is not just a tradition but also a celebration of childhood delight.

Our Collection: 

Cartoon Characters Rakhi: 

Get nostalgic with our classic cartoon Rakhis! These Rakhis, which feature iconic characters such as Motu Patlu, Doremon, and others, are likely to invoke memories and please both children and adults. 

Superhero Sensations: 

Let your child feel like a true hero with our dynamic range of superhero Rakhis! From legendary icons like Spider-Man to contemporary favorites like Iron Man, Hulk, Avengers, and Captain America, these Rakhis are perfect for little ones with big dreams.

Light and sound Rakhi

Our light and sound Rakhis add a mesmerizing glow to daytime and nighttime festivities, while musical Rakhis play tunes for a joyous Raksha Bandhan celebration. Lights and cheerful sound effects come together in Dazzling Light and Sound Rakhis to create unforgettable sensory experiences that will last for years.

Why Choose Shree Rakhi’s Kids Rakhis? 

Explore the charm of Shree Rakhi’s Kids Rakhis, which are ideal for celebrating the bond between siblings. Here’s why they’re the perfect pick: 

Diverse Range with Popular Themes: 

We offer fun Rakhis for brothers up to 18 years of age—be it cute messages for brothers or favorite characters from TV—we got it all. We craft each category to align with current trends and customer preferences, thereby catering to every child’s imagination and parent’s choice. 

Premium quality and safety: 

Safety is paramount in products designed for children. We craft our Rakhis from high-quality, non-toxic materials such as silicon, foam, and MDF, ensuring their durability and safety for daily use. Each Rakhi undergoes strict quality checks, guaranteeing customer satisfaction and repeat business. 

Competitive wholesale pricing: 

Take advantage of our low bulk order rates. Improving your festive sales is our top priority, and we aim to achieve this by providing you with complete offerings with high margins. We provide our Kids Rakhi in a dozen packs, and each box ranges in price from Rs. 60 to Rs. 180. 

Hurry up! Shop our selection of beautiful Kids Rakhi for your customers. Our kids’ Rakhi collection will be a fantastic addition to your offerings for Raksha Bandhan. These Rakhis are not just accessories; they are a gateway to capturing the festive market, attracting more foot traffic, and increasing sales during this festive season. 

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