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Shree is here again, with its crew for the rakhi wholesale market in Delhi. Approximately 300 dealers gather to benefit from the meet, utilize this opportunity to increase your sales as well.

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  • A collection of 10,000+ of the most popular Rakhi designs in the country from the best rakhi manufacturers. Everything is housed under one roof. Opportunities to browse and buy rakhi online as well.
  • Eye-catching packaging, such as Pillow Rakhis and laser packaging, will immediately entice your retail customers. Our wholesale rakhi online are a must-see!!
  • Opportunity to meet and converse with the masterminds behind India’s largest and most successful Rakhi selling brand.
  • Your feedback is valuable to us, so please address any issues or compliments directly to the creators.
  • Earn special recognition as a loyal dealer at Shree’s house once you meet us there.
  • Think about it, and we’ve got it…

We are confident that the design you envision will be present. You can avail our services online as well. buy wholesale rakhi online, totally hassle free!

  • An opportunity to network with and learn from dealers in the same industry
  • A variety of different discounts and schemes, so, browse through our rakhi wholesale market in Delhi
  • The opportunity to pre-order and purchase Designer Rakhis before they are available in the market. Our wholesale rakhi online will provide all your services efficiently.
  • Have lunch and dinner together to expand your network.

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