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The leading Rakhi manufacturer in Kolkata – Shree Rakhi is here to make rakhi even more meaningful. We Indians love our festivals, and we like to have them big. Loud noise, colourful vibes, and grand gestures make it a lasting event, we love our celebrations in the most splendid of ways possible.

To connect with this crowd, it is necessary to feel and understand their pulse so that not only do you hit the bull’s eye but also deliver it in style!

The Rakhi season will be entering soon, and before it gets too busy, this is the right time for you to hop in and set your tone right so that you have your stocks of rakhis ready before it hits the market and reaches your customers.

Rakhi wholesale markets provide beautiful and high-quality rakhis at a lesser cost.

The holiday has become so popular among the people of the country that many individuals from various communities, aside from Hindus, have joined in the celebrations over the years. Its expansion in south India, in particular, is a relatively new phenomenon that has occurred in recent years.

In Kolkata, silk Rakhis are mass-produced in large quantities. In fact, the city is home to some of India’s largest makers of silk rakhis. It is the most common, as well as the oldest and most traditional, form of Rakhi thread. Silk strands are woven together to create a smooth and attractive Rakhi thread, which adds color to the festival’s celebrations.

Rakhi production is a significant industry in India, thanks to the popularity of the Raksha Bandhan celebration. Sisters buy suitable Rakhis days ahead of time and either mail them to their brothers or tie them on their wrist on the festival day. Raksha Bandhan is a lovely and emotional event that celebrates one of life’s most significant relationships: the one between a brother and a sister.

You must be wondering after reading above that where you can get rakhi that too directly from manufacturers? Wait… let us help you as we have the perfect solution for your problem. All you need is to contact Shree Rakhi.

Why Shree Rakhi?

Well, you must be wondering that why you will order from Shree Rakhi… We will give you the answer and solve your query. Shree Rakhi is Rakhi manufacturer in Kolkata and also the leading Rakhi Manufacturer in India. Shree, as the industry’s pinnacle, has a long history of narrating tales about the thread that binds brothers together and how we promoted it among our clients.

A rakhi acquired from Shree’s home is not a mere thread, but one that has developed from perfection and acknowledges the love in siblings’ relationships throughout India’s past. Shree Rakhi currently has more than 9000 Dealers across more than 1000 villages and 650 districts. Shree’s items are considered mandatory in every Indian household for the celebration of Raksha Bandhan because of his unique competence in ‘Zari Zardousi’ artworks.

What makes Shree Rakhi as leading Rakhi manufacturer in Kolkata?

  • There are so many Rakhi Manufacturer in India but there is something unique about Shree Rakhi that makes it leading manufacturer in India. Firstly our experience in the relative field as we have 65 years of experience. Now you must be wondering that how our experience is going to help you? Well, suppose you belong to South India and want to start your rakhi business, we will guide you that exactly which designs are in demand in that particular area, even if you do not have any experience, but you can become a successful businessman.

We have seen more than last six decades and we know that how designs are being evolved, how trends are being set, how people of which region demand particular types of Rakhi etc. So, in a nutshell, we know what exactly people want and this makes us leading.

  • Secondly, our team strength makes us leading. Currently we have a team strength of 150000 and we can manufacture Rakhi in huge amount. So, whether you want rakhis for your business or you want to resell it, we will provide you stock within the time due to our strong team strength
  • Third factor that makes us leading is our huge collection of designs. Currently we have 10000 designs, so whether you want it for North India, South India or for any corner of Asia we have everything for you. All you need to do is select design for your business according to your location. This is the reason we are leading Rakhi Manufacturer in Kolkata
  • We have goodwill among major Rakhi wholesalers. The dealers who are associated with us have been part of our Rakhi pariwar for past 50+ years. The trust they show and our bonding helps us understand the need of customer more.

Rakhi as a business

It is now simpler to manage a rakhi company, particularly during COVID-19. Fortunately, an Indian Rakhi maker offers authentic items to anyone interested in starting their own rakhi company. Even during the Coronavirus epidemic, there are several ways that a rakhi maker may assist you in growing your business. This means that starting your own rakhi company will be quite popular.

Digital presence has become a necessity  in India, just as they are in the West. It has made people’s lives much easier and more convenient. Every other client, of all ages, has been spotted purchasing online and says there is no better way to shop. Furthermore, the availability of wholesalers online has made the life of small shops easier, not just for window shoppers.Again you must be wondering that where you will find a Rakhi Wholesalers near me? Shree Rakhi is your destination as there are so many perks of purchasing rakhi from us.

Running a company isn’t always as straightforward as it looks. If you operate a rakhi store, you might think that buying rakhi in bulk takes a long time.There are various options available in today’s market. Purchasing wholesale rakhi, on the other hand, looks to be difficult, especially if you don’t know what to search for. You do not need to rip your hair off your head. We’ve put up a reliable guide to help you buy wholesale rakhi from a reputed Rakhi Manufacturer.

You’ll enjoy how simple it is to buy rakhi from Shree Rakhi. It is an online rakhi retailer that offers convenience as well as cost savings. You may easily explore the company’s online store and save money. You reach out to us with your estimated value of order and we get back to you via call to finalize the deal.

Perks of purchasing Rakhi from Shree Rakhi

If you have your own original patterns or designs for Rakhis, you may make money every day. Festivals may be a great chance to try something new while still earning money. It is not difficult to get information on Rakhi makers. Buying rakhi online provides a lot of advantages. You will be able to select from a large number of our items. Shree Rakhi has American Diamond Rakhi, Bhaiya Bhabhi Pair Rakhi, Economy Dori Rakhi, Exclusive Dori Rakhi, Exclusive Pendant Rakhi, Handicraft Rakhi, Kids Light Rakhi, Kids Rakhi, Lumba, Premium Kids Rakhi, Premium Pendant Rakhi, Premium Stone Chain Rakhi, Special Dori Rakhi, Stone Chain Rakhi, Zardozi Rakhi, and many more.

All sorts of rakhis are manufactured by Shree Rakhi.. You may put an end to your quest for the best and most dependable Rakhi maker in Jaipur, Kolkata, Delhi, and Ahmedabad with Shree Rakhi. You may easily plan your business and begin your venture with us immediately. Don’t put it off any longer! Simply begin purchasing at Shree Rakhi to get your company off the ground. Here you will get the most stunning rakhi collection.