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Shree Rakhi Revolutionizing Wholesale Rakhi Distribution: From Kolkata to Thousands of Retailers Across India

Discover wholesale rakhi for retailers

Welcome to Shree Rakhi, your go-to destination for buying rakhis at wholesale prices. If you’re a retailer, or a small wholesaler who wants to grow your business or take advantage of the festival economy in India and are looking for a reliable wholesaler to kickstart your business and shop rakhis for Rakhi 2024 season, you’ve come to the right place.

At Shree Rakhi, we are proud of our 65-year-old legacy – serving more than 150,000 customers across India and the world. We aim to simplify your shopping experience by offering easy, seamless online rakhi shopping or in-person visitations in our Kolkata office. You may also be eligible to be invited to our annual dealers meet – where we showcase our 10,000 designs in Delhi (31st March) and Hyderabad (7th April). In case you plan to purchase rakhis of more than 2L, please give us a call on +919331150473 or register yourself here to book your place.

Shree Rakhi is a prime player in wholesale rakhi manufacturer and dealer catering to more than 150,000 clients across India.

If you’re new to the rakhi festival economy, you’re in the right hands.

Wholesale rakhi

What Shree Rakhi offers:

  • Our streamlined distribution process catering to 650+ districts across India, ensures swift delivery of rakhis to wholesalers and retailers across India. Our range of 10,000+ rakhi designs can be reviewed online or through platforms such as Whatsapp and Zoom calls.
  • From Adapting to Trends Creating New Trends in Wholesale Rakhi: Catering to an ever-changing taste and preferences of our diverse country, each year we bring you to a new variety of 10,000+ designs in our wholesale rakhi business. At Shree Rakhi, we keep a close eye on market demands and introduce fresh designs, styles, and materials to meet our customer’s needs. If you are a wholesaler in Chandigarh or Trichy – we carry an extensive range in all our designs. Our commitment to adaptability ensures that when you buy rakhi from us online / physically, you’re offering your customers trendy and unique Rakhis, setting your business apart.
  • Globalizing and uniting the entire world – Shree Rakhi is not just about wholesale rakhi in India; we have a specialized division catering to rakhi exporters. Get in touch with us to know more

Shree Rakhi is your go to destination for wholesale rakhis

Just like the city of Ayodhya extending the love for Ram in every corner of the world, Shree Rakhi’s collections are spreading all around the world!

Shree Rakhi has revolutionized the wholesale rakhi distribution since 1962, and we continue to work hard to offer our best products to every wholesaler and retailer across the world. Our commitment to staying ahead of trends and exploring global opportunities reflects our vision of making Rakhi a truly global celebration.

Join us in this revolution, shop rakhi and let the joy of Raksha Bandhan reach every corner, making it a truly global festival.

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