Wholesale Pendant Rakhis: Get your hands on the best wholesale online rakhi deals for festival seasons.

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As the Raksha Bandhan draws near, it’s time to start preparing and stocking up on the Rakhis. And what better way to make the collection even more special than with the Rakhi pendant wholesale collection? This celebration of love and bonding between siblings calls for beautiful and meaningful Rakhis. And for those looking to grab […]


Best-selling handmade Rakhi designs for wholesalers in 2024


The sacred thread of Rakhi represents the unbreakable bond between a brother and sister, as well as a brother’s pledge to look out for his sister. For millennia, people have celebrated the festival of Rakshabandhan because Lord Krishna made Droupadi his sister and pledged to defend her anytime she thought of him in a moment […]


From Rakhi Design to Timely Delivery: Shree Rakhi – Your Trusted Rakhi Wholesaler

India's Largest Rakhi Manufacturer & Supplier in India - Shree Rakhi Wholesaler

As a premier rakhi wholesaler, Shree Rakhi loves the festival of Raksha Bandhan a little more than Diwali too! Raksha Bandha is a festival celebrated by Indian community worldwide, where brothers promise to protect sisters against any harm – symbolised by rakhi (ceremonial thread) tied by sisters on her brother’s wrist. With a deep understanding […]


Unraveling the Art of Making Rakhi in India: Exploring the Thread Trails

The art of making Rakhi is a craft that has been an integral part of Indian culture for a long period of time. The intricate designs and colorful rakhi threads make these ornamental pieces a reflection of India’s diverse culture and heritage. Today, there are several cities across India that are known for their expertise […]


Shree Rakhi’s Trusted Dealer Network Expands Nationwide: 9100 Dealers and Counting

With the expansion of their dealer network , Shree Rakhi has significantly increased its reach to rakhi wholesalers nationwide. As an esteemed name in the industry, Shree Rakhi has established itself as a game changer for dealers in the rakhi wholesale business. With a humble beginning as a small festival-centric business, Shree Rakhi has now […]


How Rakhi Making Can Support Small and Emerging Businesses

Rakhi making is not only an art form but also a means of livelihood for many small and emerging businesses, especially those run by women. Indian artisans have passed down the art of rakhi making through generations, showcasing exceptional craftsmanship. The intricate and elegant designs created are beloved globally. These businesses rely on the festival […]


Ultimate Shree Rakhi Collection Of 5 Pendant Rakhi Designs For 2023

Raksha Bandhan is almost here, and rakhi wholesalers are again ready to revamp their rakhi collections with a range of new designs that are perfect for bringing in smiles and profits at the same time. As Rakhi approaches each year, the search for the best rakhi becomes an integral part of the festivities. Sisters tie […]


Rakhi 2.0: How Virtual Rakhi is Changing the Festival

The festival of Rakhsa Bandhan is changing, as nowadays we celebrate virtual rakhi. With changing times and continuous virus attacks, our festivals have transformed into something that is much more dependent on virtual reality. Every sphere of life has become digitized, as we are all now more advanced in using technology for our convenience. Rakhi […]