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Ward off Negativity with Beautiful Evil Eye Rakhi Collection 2024

Welcome to Shree Rakhi’s captivating Evil Eye Rakhi collection! Ancient beliefs have long revered the evil eye symbol for its ability to protect against negative energies and envy. Our Evil Eye Rakhis blends this powerful symbol with intricate craftsmanship and vibrant designs, creating the perfect token of love and protection for your beloved brother.

Explore our latest collection of Evil Eye Rakhis, and choose a Rakhi that not only celebrates the bond between siblings but also serves as a mascot of safety and well-being.

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Shree Rakhi’s innovative Evil Eye Collection

Dori Evil Eye Rakhi: Our Dori Rakhis are characterized by colorful threads or Dori intricately woven or braided to form the Rakhi band. We weave the evil eye colors, infusing the design with a burst of color and symbolic meaning. Charms entwined by beautiful dori work—don’t miss out!

Bracelet Evil Eye Rakhi: Our Bracelet Evil Eye Rakhi features a bracelet-style design with the evil eye symbol as the focal point. Worn like a bracelet that fits any wrist size, they are crafted to offer a stylish alternative to traditional Rakhis.

Pendant Evil Eye Rakhi: Our Pendant Evil Eye Rakhi combines the elegance of a pendant with the protective symbolism of the evil eye. This Rakhi features a pendant adorned with the traditional evil eye symbol, crafted from materials like metal, enamel, or glass.

Why partner with us?

Unique Designs: Our Evil Eye Rakhis feature innovative designs that appeal to modern sensibilities while honoring the rich tradition of Raksha Bandhan. We have more than 200 designs in traditional and contemporary styles. Long and hard hours are behind each design.

Quality Materials: We use only the finest materials to ensure the durability and beauty of our Rakhis. We carefully select every component of Evil Eye Rakhi, from high-quality metals to vibrant enamels, to meet our rigorous standards.

Unbeatable Pricing: For us, our retailer Pariwar is more important, and our goal is to provide the industry’s best pricing for our Rakhis. Our wholesale rates ensure that you can maximize your profit margins, which will give us more satisfaction.

Price & Packaging: Our Evil Eye Rakhis come in a pack of a dozen. Dori Evil Eye Rakhi comes with a net price of Rs. 6 to Rs. 12 per piece, while Pendant Evil Eye Rakhi has a net price of Rs. 10 to Rs. 25 per piece.

Would you like to make this Rakshabandhan season profitable? Why wait? Pick up your phone and connect with us at +91-9331150473 to place your order for our fast-moving Evil Eye Rakhis.