Rakhi 2.0: How Virtual Rakhi is Changing the Festival

The festival of Rakhsa Bandhan is changing, as nowadays we celebrate virtual rakhi. With changing times and continuous virus attacks, our festivals have transformed into something that is much more dependent on virtual reality.

Every sphere of life has become digitized, as we are all now more advanced in using technology for our convenience. Rakhi is a traditional Indian festival that celebrates the bond between siblings.

Every year, it falls on a full moon day in August or September. During this occasion, people exchange presents such as chocolates, flowers, or jewelry as marks of love and affection for their siblings.

The tradition has evolved over time to include new practices such as buying and sending rakhis online through social media platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger–an act which allows people who live far away from each other to still participate in this meaningful tradition together!

With the rise of online shopping and e-commerce platforms, digital communication, more and more people are turning to celebrating virtual rakhis to bridge the geographical gap between them and their loved ones.

In this blog post, we’ll explore how virtual rakhis are changing the face of the festival, and how technology is revolutionizing the way we celebrate Rakhi.

Traditional Rakhi Festival

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is one of the most important festivals for Hindus and various others love this festival. It is celebrated with great enthusiasm in India and other parts of the world where Indians and South Asians are scattered.

Rakhi literally means ‘protection’ or ‘to protect’. In this context, it refers to one’s brother who protects them from any harm or danger in life. The word Raksha also means ‘thread’ which is used to tie on your wrist as a symbol of love and affection towards your sibling (brother). This thread will remind you of the bond between siblings forever!

The traditional method of celebrating Rakhi involves pujas and following customary rituals. You can know more about these rituals from our blog – Rakhi 2023: Everything Useful You Need to Know About Rakhi

But now in the current times many of our siblings live far away from us, or meeting each other is difficult, which is why the concept of celebrating Raksha Bandhan online is changing the way people celebrate this festival.

Celebrating Raksha Bandhan: Virtual Rakhis

The emergence of virtual rakhis is changing the way people celebrate this festival. For most of the older generation, celebrating online Raksha Bandhan can be something that is quite new and complicated.

The occurrence of online Raksha Bandhan has made it easier for not only siblings who live afar but also people who are unable to travel. Celebrating Raksha Bandhan online, includes sending gifts and rakhis to your siblings, having a video call with them, and trying to find the essence of celebrating the festival in the new way.

The market is filled with various e-commerce platforms that help you celebrate virtual rakhi by sending gifts and rakhis to your siblings.

Shree Rakhi is one of the largest rakhi wholesaler and manufacturer in India and supplies rakhi all over the country. We have more than 9100+ dealers scattered all over the country and we can definitely say that in celebrating your Raksha Bandhan online, Shree Rakhi plays a major role.

Impact of Virtual Rakhis

Celebrating Raksha Bandhan online or calling it virtual rakhi makes it incredibly convenient for people who live far away from their siblings or cannot visit them during the festival.

With the method of online Raksha Bandhan people can send Rakhi wishes and blessings in just a few clicks without worrying about the time and cost of traveling to their siblings’ location. It saves time, and money, making it an ideal option for people who are busy with work or cannot afford to travel.

For most siblings the traditional impact of celebrating virtual rakhi is that it takes away the essence of togetherness and fun of the festival. Nowadays you can offer a vast range of options to choose from, including personalized rakhis, animated rakhis, and even rakhis with augmented reality features.

This provides people with a lot of choices to pick the perfect Rakhi for their siblings, making the celebration even more special and meaningful.

If you’re unable to go home because of work commitments or other reasons, you can send personalized rakhi via different types of e-commerce platforms, or send wishes and text messages so that your siblings get the love you want to share with them, if they were actually there with you!

The Future of Rakhi Celebrations with Virtual Rakhis

In the coming future, the trend of celebrating Raksha Bandhan online will certainly grow, and with such demands, Rakhi wholesalers will also have to keep up. Shree Rakhi, being one of the most spread and leading companies in the rakhi industry, provides an extensive number of designs and the opportunity to order rakhi online.

With the increasing popularity of celebrating Raksha Bandhan online, there is a growing demand for the latest rakhi designs. The trend of celebrating virtual rakhi is fun, as you can connect with your siblings and loved ones through video calls and online platforms.

This presents an opportunity for businesses to cater to the needs of consumers by creating and distributing the latest Rakhi designs online through e-commerce platforms.

Shree Rakhi is not only limited to being a rakhi wholesaler in Kolkata and India but has also been a continuous contributor to the rakhi industry in the international market. We have been delivering to major countries like the USA, UK, and various other countries, where Indian and South Asian communities try to represent their culture and tradition.

We are the leading rakhi manufacturer in India, and the largest in the whole country. We  have turned into a global brand providing the latest rakhi designs to every corner of the world.

The virtual rakhi celebration has changed the way people celebrate the traditional Raksha Bandhan festival. It has enabled people to celebrate the festival in new and innovative ways, such as sending rakhis or organizing online Rakhi celebrations. This has not only made the festival more accessible but has also enabled people to celebrate the festival with the latest Rakhi designs, making it more exciting and relevant to the digital age.

Raksha Bandhan holds significant significance for the Indian diaspora. As more and more Indians move abroad, the traditional way of celebrating Rakhi with physical Rakhis becomes increasingly challenging.

In summary, virtual Rakhis with the latest Rakhi designs have immense potential for growth and have changed the way people celebrate the traditional festival of Rakhi. They have also played a crucial role in maintaining cultural connections for the Indian diaspora. As technology continues to evolve, the future of Rakhi celebrations with virtual Rakhis and the latest Rakhi designs is bright, and we can expect more innovations and new ways of celebrating the festival in the years to come.

The future of online Raksha Bandhan is bright. The potential for celebrating virtual rakhi to evolve and improve is endless. Technology will continue to advance, making it possible for virtual rakhis to become more interactive and personalized. For example, you could use an app on your phone or computer to create a custom video message for your loved one in India–they could watch it on their phone or tablet!

If you’re looking for a way to preserve the traditional aspects of this festival while also embracing modern technology, then consider celebrating virtual rakhi instead of going through all the trouble of buying gifts and traveling overseas every year (or even every few years).

Rakhi is a time to celebrate the bond between brothers and sisters. It’s a time when you can show your loved ones how much they mean to you, even if they live far away. But what if your brother or sister lives in another country? Or what if they’re too young to understand the significance of Rakhi?

Traditional rakhis are beautiful and meaningful, but with so many people embracing technology these days, it makes sense that some families would want to find another way of celebrating this important festival together.

Observing Raksha Bandhan online allows users from all over the world (and even those who aren’t able) to participate in the tradition by sending messages through video call apps like Skype or FaceTime instead of buying physical gifts like flowers or chocolates–or even sending money, which can be spent on anything else besides celebrating this holiday!

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