The Legacy Of Shree Rakhi: From Then Till Now.

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With Shree Rakhi, it’s not just a thread.

It never was.

Each year in an attempt to thank the extended family of dealers of Shree who have assisted in taking our business ahead with their efforts- Shree holds an exhibitions that occurs at two venues, on two different dates. Being a brand from Eastern India, Shree has been capable to successfully venture into the markets of North India, and is looking forward to make a greater impact in the markets of Southern India as well. Thus while one of Shree’s exhibition was supposed to be held in Delhi, in the year 2020 the other took place in Hyderabad, ensuring that dealers from all over India can come and take part in the event.

And this year, to build the vibe and create a stronger sense of association with them, Shree Rakhi, thought to share with all the dealers, about how their story begun…

So here begins the Shree saga.

It’s a proud Indian tale of how a legacy of craftsmanship revolved around a thread and created Rakhis that are beyond being just threads, but held thousands of Indian brothers & sisters together over the years.

The inception of the journey of Shree Rakhi happened in the year 1947. A family man, Mr Murli Dharji Mohta, had come to Kolkata, with his recently estranged-from-home family, after the India-Pakistan partition had taken place. Shri M D Mohta, who then begun working as a clerk in an accounting firm found it extremely difficult to take ahead his family expenses.

It was in this scenario of scarcity, that the foundation stone for a business, that stands as the acing Rakhi Buisness in India today begun. It was M D Mohta’s wife, who began a side by business of making Rakhis to help her husband manage the family expenses better.

It was much later after her death that, M D Mohta, took up this almost fading line of Rakhis and revived it: giving it the shape of a family business: after having retired from the job of a clerk.

By the year 1983, before the sad demise of Shri M D Mohta, the Shree Rakhi Business had taken quite a front gear especially with the assisted management of M D Mohta’s & his son Shri Jiwan Das Mohta.

Beginning with the craftsmanship skill in Zari Zardousi, it was Shri Jiwan Das Mohta, who ventured into beginning working with the 1.5 lac skilled artisans of India’s cottage industry who were now creating Rakhis and employed under Shree Rakhi to take the heirloom ahead.

Soon the creations of Shree Rakhi gained so much popularity, that, Shree Jiwan Das Mohta, had to issue a hologram to protect the authenticity of Shree Rakhis produced pieces. Soon factories of Shree Rakhi started to come up in and around Kolkata and over 3000 new Rakhi designs were being launched over the years. Success started to pave the path, towards the family of artisans associated with the Shree Pariwar.

Today Shree Rakhi caters to over 700 remote locations and has to offer an array of over 10,000 varieties of Rakhis to its buyers spread all over India. Name a Rakhi, and Shree procures it- be it Zari, Moli, Thread, Stone, Lumba, Dori, Kids, Bhaiya-Bhabhi set, American Diamond, Pearls- and what not. Not only the product quality, but the packaging of the products as well is exclusive when it comes from the house of Shree.

In the year 2020, we unfortunately had to cancel our event at Delhi, as the safety of our dealers and their families had been our priority. Through the year the situations were getting even more difficult, but here at Shree, we believed that our dealers will be waiting for us at that side of the darkness. Thus when offline stores closed, our minds worked faster of how to re-establish business and help our dealers recover from the recurring losses by helping them get back to business at a time of such crisis. And that is when we made the complete purchase process online for our dealers over before Rakshabandhan 2020, so that the happiness keeps spreading among the Indian brothers and sisters, as well for our dealers for whom, the buying process was now just a matter of few clicks.

After all, it’s the international and national dealer networks of Shree who are as much an extended family of the Shree Pariwar, as is the Mohta family. Without them , Shree would have never been able to rise to the magnitude of success where Shree is today.

The reputation that Shree Rakhi has built for a period of over fifteen years, has had a pillar tenet working behind it. Shree Rakhi does not work with any authorised agent and sells directly to the wholesale dealers spread all across India. And another USP is certainly Shree’s packaging. The variants of Packaging that Shree Rakhi comes in: adds to the exclusivity and the beauty of Shree’s products, making each piece unique.

The year 2020, when we had had to cancel the Dealer’s meet in Delhi for the Pandemic, we had promised to come back in the year 2021 with a safer and greater arrangement for our dealers. So we have started gearing up from the very beginning of this year to make sure that Shree Dealers Meet 2021 is as great as we had promised last year.

With your prayers we are looking forward to an even successful event this 2021. Are you ready?