5 Sibling Gotras Everyone Can Relate To

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At the beginning of everything, life was simple yet beautiful.

Till the first parents thought to take their happiness ahead by procreating. The first procreation was still fine. The catastrophe occurred when they procreated a second time.

And that marked the beginning of the war of the Titans.

Siblings came to earth!

Now that Siblings are a reality, today Shree thought to take a class of all the brothers and sisters reading this blog…and teach them how to categorize and identify what kind of a sibling you are paired with within you two’s personalized WWE ring, which is your bedroom; and how to cope with them, better!

Age is just a number for them…

The world is changing around them, and so are they, but it’s the age of these siblings that has come to a standstill. Situations turn even worse when these baby siblings receive the complete patronage of our parents.

You can never prove them guilty to your parents of any sin whatsoever. They might have broken your new pencil box, they might have taken a smoke with their friends and you saw it yourself.

But when you come to tell your parents or even a murder that they committed, your parents will laugh it away claiming the unquestionable innocence of your sibling!

Ph. D in Perfection…

This second category of siblings is the hero siblings who have been brought down to earth to explain to you that you are an ultimate foil. Wondering why we say that? Read on.

These are the siblings who ace in everything they do. They score great in exams, they are well behaved, they look presentably great, they play games well enough to bring home trophies that can win over the hearts of parents, they don’t practice any ill-habits, they brush twice a day and never miss to take a bath.

If that was not enough, then they are highly social and the same relatives who don’t even ask you at the family gathering if you have had your food, go all gaga on them.

And the Oscar goes to…

These sneaky polar characters can give you a hell of a ride by posing an absolute contrast to how they behave when at a social meet and how they behave when only you are there in the room.

These Satan siblings are highly talented and can bag the Oscar any day if their polarities are brought out in the public. Dangerous is how you may define them!

Guardian angel is waiting at home…

Be it returning home late from a party and the only entrance feasible is the attic door or be it to decide how to wear the perfect partywear with a cover attire that would not allow your parents to see your glammed-up side…it is always these godsent siblings that come to assistance.

They are usually the elder ones but even if they are your younger siblings, it is for sure that they assumed the role of being the older guardian to you. Yes sometimes they can seem a little over-possessive, but that’s acceptable compared to what they do for you.

Pure love. That’s what these siblings are.

Ab ‘Rondu’ ko bhi rulayega kya?

These siblings were born with the sole purpose of making you cry. All you need is to allow them once into your space. Owing to the fact that they have known you since childhood, they also know your weak points and the points where it would be easiest to hurt you and make you cry.

Though once you start crying, they themselves will pacify you so that the police, your parents, don’t arrive at the scene.


To conclude, Shree understands the pain that these siblings can bring down to your lives. But still, we advise you to fight back with kindness, because with their nuisance the memories that they are creating with you will be cherished as gems when you are busy in your corporate lives and fail to take out time for these pillow fights!

Three cheers for these ‘satrangi’ siblings!

Hip hip hurray!