Swag Siblings From Indian Mythology…Part 2!

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Siblinghood has always been a significant human relationship that has acted as the causal backdrop to several mortal and immortal happenings. Even Gods and Goddesses, have submitted to this emotional bonding and been strengthened by it too, time and again.

Previously Shree has done a blog on four legendary Mythological pairs that we still have a lot to learn from. This is a sequel to it for all the mythology-loving siblings…

Do let us know which sibling pair among these can you relate to the most!


The Mahabharata is famous for its epic episode where Lord Krishna saved Draupadi’s honor by ensuring that the Kauravas are not successful in disrobing the lady’s grace in a filled court.

However very few of us are aware of another incident that occurred between Draupadi and Krishna much before in history. Through the torturous reign of Shishupal, when Krishna had been on the mission of fighting a war to defeat the former, in the war he had injured his own hand with the Sudarshan Chakra. While all Krishna’s followers were busy with seeking a cure for the lord, it was Draupadi who had torn her sari and tied it across Krishna’s hand.

Symbolically this is considered to be a Rakhi that was tied across Krishna’s hand and this tied the two an eternal bond of Siblinghood. Though Draupadi used to call Krishna a ‘Sakha’ and Krishna called Draupadi as ‘Sakhi’, which means a friend, a version of the Mahabharata celebrates them as an exemplary sibling pair.


When we are discussing Krishna, how can Balaram be left far behind?

Subhadra has been an under-sung character of the Mahabharata. Subhadra had been half-sister to Lord Krishna and Lord Balaram. While she was the daughter to king Vasudeva and Rohini, Krishna and Balaram were Devaki and Vasudeva’s son.

According to certain versions of the Mahabharata she was transferred to the womb of Rohini in order to get spared from the wrath of King Kansha.

It was from this instance that Rohini is considered to be the mother of Subhadra. The Rathyatra that is famous for its celebrations in Odissa, shows Jagannath, Subhadra and Balaram who take a chariot ride to their relatives home. Even through this journey the positioning of Subhadra is indicative of how much she is adored by both her brothers, and thus she is positioned at the center of the two.

Rama and Lakshmana

Like the Greek Mythology, there are Indian twin pairs as well who are famous for their bonding. The pair of Rama & Lakshmana has been historically famous and till date taken as benchmarks of brotherhood by Indians.

This particular sibling pair proves time and again that in case of siblinghood, blood-line is not always the ultimate factor to decide the strength of the bond. Lakshman as well had a twin brother Shatrughna but even then it was with Rama that Lakshman is more remembered to pair as.

14 years is not a small span of time and imagine being a Prince and leaving all the palatial pleasures and living for the life of abstinence in the forest with cousin brother Rama and his wife Sita.

In the whole war of Ramayana, it was Lakshmana who stayed as a shadow to Lord Rama.

While several stories in history have immortalized other human bonds like that of divine marriages, love stories, friendships, and whatnot, the fraternity that is preached by siblinghood is as well equally integral when it comes to changing how history shaped up, time and again.

We know that from our limited visions siblinghood might seem more about the TV remote, chocolate fights, and the better side of the bed, but these tales dug up from the Indian history shall show us the real strength that underlies siblinghood and how siblings can change the world together if they come together!

Cheers to Siblinghood!