Subh-Labh and Santoshi Maa: The Lesser-known Siblings!

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Indian Mythology is a wonderful complex of tales that depict human emotions in a divine light. Can you imagine a time when even brothers born in the houses of Gods and Goddesses craved for having a sister for themselves?

Well, now when you hear from Shree the tale of ‘Subh’ and ‘Labh’ you will know that they too do.

The story begins like this…

Once Lord Ganesh had been celebrating the rituals of Rakhi with his sister Goddess Lakshmi. Ganesh’s sons Subh and Labh were as well keen on seeing and knowing what exactly goes into the celebrations of Raksha Bandhan, and seeing their father tie Rakhi onto the hands of his sister, they too wanted someone with whom they would have a relationship of such love and care, someone who would tie a Rakhi on their wrists.

So, getting to know his sons’ minds, Ganesh, being a benevolent father planned to gift his sons with someone who would shower on them the love of a little sister.

And that is when the Goddess of Satisfaction, Devi Santoshi was born.

Hindu Mythology believes that Santoshi Maa was born out of the fire. And it is through preaching her for 16 successive Fridays and practicing rituals that assist in satisfaction of the soul, for instance keeping away from sour and bitter food, that the real Aradhana of the Goddess can be performed.

Lord Ganesh had two wives- Riddhi and Siddhi. They had given birth to the two sons, Subh and Labh. These two brothers have ever since been associated with the advent of Lord Ganesh, who marks prosperity, wisdom, wealth and bounty.

While among these two brothers, Subh was mothered by Riddhi who depicts methodic intelligence that leads to everything positive, & Labh was mothered by Siddhi who represented true perfectionism that can only be achieved through Spiritual devotion to a subject.

It is through the harmony between these two brothers that a big fact underlying the universe is expressed lucidly: until and unless there is harmony between intelligence and spiritualism, even the strongest of powers can lead to nothing.

We, the Hindus believe, the only way that you can ascertain that the blessings of Lord Ganesh are at your residence is by keeping a space for his wives Riddhi-Siddhi, and his sons Subh-Labh.

In India, thus when we enter any apartment or home that indulges in the business of any kind, it is a mandate that we shall see the signs or names of Subh-Labh on the doors and Riddhi-Siddhi too.

It marks the existence of Lord Ganesh without whose blessings achieving any business-oriented goals would be difficult.

That was the tale of Subh-Labh. Next time when before beginning any ceremony at home you write Subh-Labh on your doors with turmeric and vermillion, remember how the tale of these two brothers in Indian Mythology aptly sums up the clue to a better world.

It is only through the apt blend of intelligence and spiritual wisdom that we can build a great world together. Other than the equilibrium, or rather with Subh or Labh alone, one can never build the prosperity and happiness he aims to achieve in the long run.