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The festival of Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner, which means you have to choose from an array of rakhis that you need to buy from the market, but where should you begin?

Before the festival of Rakhsha Bandhan comes the preparation for the retailers and dealers. This year if you’re looking for simple rakhi designs to invest in, Shree Rakhi is here to provide a guide through the latest rakhi designs that are perfect for your venture.

Shree Rakhi is the name you should know when it comes to the trending designs of rakhis that give you absolute worth for your investments.

They are a one-stop destination when it comes to ordering designer rakhis online and you get the advantage to browse and view the latest rakhi design photos.

Designing a Rakhi is not a single day’s work. It involves many things, and there is an established pattern that is followed which can be used by designers to create any new design. Shree Rakhi has already produced an extensive range of 10,000+ designs, ultimately giving you the convenience of choice.

In case you’re wondering which simple rakhi designs will give you great returns, then don’t skip reading this blog. Let’s check out the various fancy rakhi designs by Shree Rakhi that are trendy and simple:

The Traditional Rakhi

When it comes to different rakhi-making ideas Shree Rakhi is the first name that comes up in any wholesale rakhi market.

The various customs that are followed in any festival in India do require certain traditional essentialities. In the ritualistic and traditional celebration of Raksha Bandhan, there’s always a need for conventional rakhis.

At Shree Rakhi you get to know the latest and trending rakhis that are in fashion this year and are meant to increase your sales.

In the traditional rakhi, the first place is acquired by Moli rakhi. Moli is one of the sacred threads according to Hindu rituals, the rakhi is made based on these sacred threads of red and yellow, and it’s one such rakhi that you should invest in this year.

In the list of traditional rakhis, you should definitely get the Chandan Rakhi for your good sales. This one is the unique and simple rakhi design that Shree Rakhi has mastered.

The other traditional rakhis that you should surely pick for your business from Shree Rakhi are Kesar, Evergreen Dori, Priyam Dori, and Pareneeta. All of these rakhis can be found on our official website or you can also choose to talk directly with us.

If you want to buy rakhi online just ping us on WhatsApp 9331150473 or get your Video call scheduled and get to browse and view the latest rakhi design photos.

The Auspicious Rakhi

The festival of Raksha Bandhan is the most awaited festival among the sisters of India. Various auspicious rakhis are used by sisters for their brothers.

These rakhis are symbols of protection and wishing prosperity for their brothers.

Shree Rakhi brings to you a bunch of auspicious rakhis, the foremost on that list is Rudra rakhi. These simple rakhi designs are also sophisticated designs made of the rudraksha bead and are considered to have blessings and protection by Lord Shiva.

Another auspicious rakhi worth the investment is Shree Rakhis Om Rakhi. The OM symbol has both spiritual and mythological values in Hindu culture.

Other high-selling rakhis that you can get from Shree Rakhi are Lotus Temple Rakhi and Evil Eye Rakhi.

The Lotus Temple Rakhi holds the significance of peace and prosperity for the bearing person, adding an auspicious value to it. On the other hand, the Evil Eye Rakhi is made with evil eye beads which signify the belief in protecting oneself from bad luck and evil spirits.

Fancy rakhi

One of the fancy rakhi designs that are attractive as well as simple is the rakhi sets. Being a dealer or retailer you must know that various rakhi sets are highly popular among the consumers.

The rakhi sets that you can get form Shree Rakhi are Lumba Rakhi, Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi, Zardousi Lumba Rakhi, Moti Set, and Pendant Set.

Lumba Rakhis are a popular rakhi set among the Rajasthani and Marwari cultures of our country. As these rakhis are worn by sisters-in-law of the family which is why they’re made of beautiful designs and colourful threads.

In the Lumba rakhi, there is the Bhayia Bhabhi set and the Zardousi Lumba Rakhi set these are both specialties of Shree Rakhi.

Their beautiful tassels and beads are made with intricate designs using stones, and they are one of the simple rakhi designs with an emphasis on cultural value.

Other latest rakhi design photos that you can find on our WhatsApp catalog are the Moti Set and the Pendent Set. You can find these designer rakhis online and they come in rakhi and Lumba sets.

New And Unique Design Of Rakhi

When it comes to simple rakhi designs which are captivating as well as fancy you should always invest in kid’s rakhi.

Shree Rakhi brings to you an extensive array of kid’s rakhis that you can choose from. There are categories like Jugnoo, Dhurandhar, Marvel, Silicon Toy, and many more through which you can decide the suitable fit for your venture.

The rakhis made for kids are the most popular among parents as they tend to buy the best stuff for their kids. Shree Rakhi attends to the details of these fancy rakhi designs keeping in mind the trends of the market.

Other latest rakhi design photos that you can browse through our official website are the Quirky Pendant Rakhis, Bhai Bhai Rakhi, and several designs which are in fashion and bound to boost sales.

The quirky design made by Shree Rakhi appeal to the latest and even trending quotes related to siblinghood. They’re able to pin to the exact emotion of rakhi allowing you to make profits out of your investments.

Jewelry rakhi

The last type of rakhi that you must look for this rakhi is the Jewelry rakhi. For various rakhi in the market rakhis based on jewelry have a high rate of selling well.

Stone rakhis represent one of a kind relationship between brothers and sisters and the vibrancy of the relationship. Shree Rakhi brings to you fancy rakhi designs in the jewelry category.

The rakhis that you can get here are Silver Stone, Crystal, Diamond Dori, and A.D.Siya. Among these categories, the one that is bound to give you good profit is the Diamond Rakhi.

Jewelry rakhi is an integral part of the festival of Rakhsha Bandhan and Shree Rakhi can be your only partner to know which the latest trends in the market are.

You can also get rakhis in beautiful stone designs and colorful threads like the Kanha, Tini Mini, Titan, and many more from Shree Rakhi.

Why Shree Rakhi is the Best place to get Simple Rakhi Designs?

After all this discussion about the simple rakhi designs, you can get for this Raksha Bandhan celebration, you’re aware that Shree Rakhi is the best place to get all that you need at one destination.

They’re one of the best-known rakhi manufacturers in Kolkata and leading wholesalers all over India. If you’re interested in investing in trending and simple rakhi design that comes at an affordable price, the ones offered by Shree Rakhi are something you should definitely choose for.

Shree Rakhi is the perfect online store for all rakhi solutions. They are known for their high-quality products and customer satisfaction.

Whether you go for an online order or call in to place your order, they always provide you with smooth services. All you have to do is fill-up the form on their website and submit it online; the rest will be taken care of by them.

Again on the online way, you can also order through WhatsApp by viewing the catalog and directly chatting with the seller’s support of Shree Rakhi. There are also benefits of Video calls and phone calls.

Shree Rakhi has become an industry leader because they keep innovating quality rakhis year on year. Every product they have manufactured is unique as well based on the buyer’s need.

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