Sibling Pairs To Follow This IPL 2020

There is a different edge of Sportsmanship that can be seen in children who grow up with siblings. They have a constant companion to hustle with, play with, and fall down with and learn again and stand back up with. Even the home becomes a playground where lots can be learnt from.

Several people out there might be of the opinion that the flow of learning is always directed from the elder sibling to the younger one. However Shree Rakhi believes that it’s not always true. When it comes to siblinghood the flow of learnings are never unidirectional.

Even the young ones can learn from the older ones and the older too can learn from the younger.

Having a sibling makes life so much more productive, isn’t it? So this IPL season Shree has thought to bring up to you instances of few significant siblings from the world of cricket…

Next time your mom shouts from the kitchen at you and your sibling while you two are playing cricket, “Kuch kaam ke nahi ho tumlog!” You will know whose instances you can quote…

Deepak & Rahul Chahar

This sibling pair has been lately in the news a lot owing to the fact that one of the brothers have been diagnosed with COVID 19, and other has been sending him tweets of support.

Let us now explore more about this young pair of siblings.

Deepak Chahar, the elder sibling, who is playing in the team Chennai Super Kings, was born in the year 1992. This millennial elder brother begun his career with the Ranji Trophy Tournament. His on-field experience with coaches like Ian Pont and Catherine Dalton have helped him massively in proceeding with his cricket career.

The younger brother Rahul Chahar on the other hand was born in the year 1999. This young and promising one begun his career by playing for the Vijay Hazare Trophy and his leg-break googly is now a famous move among IPL fans.

A few days back when Deepak Chahar, the elder sibling was affected by COVID-19, the ‘get well soon’ tweet of the younger sibling clearly showed, that even if the two are dissected by their team choices, ultimately they are united by the soul.

Hardik & Krunal Pandya

Born in Surat, Hardik Pandya began his career in cricket, by winning the Syed Mushtaq Ali. His IPL career, however begun with a bang when he made a fast score of 30 runs standing against the then dreaded bowler Ashish Dinda. In the recent times though this younger brother got into some trouble with his unparliamentarily conduct at an interview, Hardik’s comeback and his present performance as a part of team Mumbai Indians has also been picking up the pace.

Krunal Pandya, the elder sibling, who is a left arm orthodox bowler as well plays for Mumbai Indians. He had begun his career with a marvellous performance at the Ranji Trophy Tournament. In the year 2018, Pandya made his mark with India’s Twenty 20 squad, playing against West Indies and Australia.

Even till date Krunal openly speaks about Hardik being a very mischievous kid. In fact he as well claims that there are instances when still Hardik proves to be a mischief but lesser than he was in childhood.

Isn’t that too relatable!

Sam & Tom Curran

Siblinghood follows no religious, or geographical barriers, does it? It’s equally beautiful irrespective of all variations, and thus our third sibling pair is from miles away!

After the Hollioake brothers, it is possibly this brother pair who played for England together after 1999. The younger brother Sam Curran who plays for Surrey, and Chennai Super Kings has already made his mark as the youngest bowler who took a hat trick in IPL. So basically this younger sibling has played on both sides of the spectrum at such a young age, which is against India, as well as for a team in India’s Premier League as well.

The elder sibling Tom Curran on the other hand has as well had a considerable performance for which he was purchased by team Rajasthan Royals for 2020 IPL. He as well played for that the team Tshawne Spartans for the Mzansi Super League in the year 2019 in the month of September.


Cricket is an emotion. In every ‘nukkar and gali’ you will find some children, and in some case even adults playing ‘gali-wala-cricket’. Among these crowd of cricket fanatics several Chahar brothers, Pandya siblings and Curran pairs are growing up who are about to become the stars of tomorrow!

Let them play! Let them grow, let us have more cricketer siblings to be proud of!

As about Padhai? Woh toh chalta rahega! 🙂