Rakhi Market: Discover the Magic of Shree Rakhi Insider’s View

Welcome to the enchanting world of the rakhi market, where the vibrant colors and intricate craftsmanship of traditional rakhis come alive.

For a unique insight into the vibrant and colorful world of the Indian rakhi market, look no further than Shree Rakhi. Here, you will get an exclusive insider’s view of the rakhi and its vibrant culture.

From traditional designs to modern art forms, you will find a variety of beautiful rakhis to choose from.

At Shree Rakhi, located in the bustling Burrabazar hub of Kolkata, you can experience first-hand the hustle and bustle of the rakhi market and its many wonders.

With a team of experts on hand, you will be able to explore all the intricacies of the craft and find out what makes Shree Rakhi special. Join us for an insider’s view of the rakhi market and discover the magic of Shree Rakhi!

Rakhi, a sacred thread symbolizing the bond between a brother and sister, is one of the most significant festivals in Hindu culture. Every year, the rakhi market in India sees a surge in activity, with people shopping for the perfect rakhi to tie on their brother’s wrist.

The market is full of vibrancy and energy, with an array of colors, unique rakhi designs, and varieties to choose from.

If you’re curious to learn more about the rakhi market and the traditions associated with this festival, you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll take you on an insider’s journey through the rakhi market, with a special focus on Shree Rakhi Kolkata, one of the most prominent rakhi stores in India.

Among the rakhi manufacturers in India Shree Rakhi is the one that’s expanding not only at offline stores but also providing a platform to order rakhi online.

So let’s dive into the magic of the rakhi market and discover what makes it so special!

Rakhi Market Size and Scope

The beginning of this legacy brand came in 1962, at the hands of a woman who saw her family struggle through an economic crisis. Pushi Devi Mohta started this rakhi business to support her husband.

With her simple rakhi designs and resham threads, she was able to make a bit of profit through this seasonal festival. Later on, she kept adding some decorative items, and more vibrant threads came into use.

The rakhi market in India is a thriving industry that experiences an upswing in activity leading up to the Raksha Bandhan festival.

The market size and scope of the rakhi market in India are significant, with the industry estimated to be worth several crores of rupees.

Rakhi sales are among the most significant contributors to the Indian handicraft industry, with a wide variety of rakhi designs available in the market.

However, in recent years, the market has seen an increase in the popularity of modern and unique rakhi designs such as cartoon characters, superheroes, and even customized rakhis with pictures or names.

With a vast range of traditional and modern rakhi designs available in the market, the industry caters to all age groups, making it one of the most important festivals in India.

How Shree Rakhi Store Has contributed to the Rakhi Market

Shree Rakhi increased their business opportunities and furthered their design innovations, allowing them to incorporate more women in the manufacturing process.

Shree Rakhi, one of the largest manufacturers of rakhis in India, experiences its busiest season during Raksha Bandhan. This seasonal business reaches new heights as millions of rakhis are transported from the narrow lanes of Kolkata to the glittering gift shops and kiosks across the country.

Rakhi was then celebrated to commemorate landmarks in India’s history and famous people, such as the Postman rakhi, the Rupaya rakhi, Rakesh Sharma’s rakhi (in honor of the Indian Air Force pilot’s historic space mission), and even the Cadbury rakhi.

These achievements have resulted in a success rate of 2.5 crore rakhis sold annually, and this number continues to rise due to exports to countries such as the US, UK, Fiji, Mauritius, and Australia.

The rakhi industry has seen a change, and whether it is the regional rakhi manufacturer of Delhi or any other region of the country, Shree Rakhi is able to dominate it. In addition to its 10,000+ designs, Shree Rakhi has been a trend setter and a creator of unique designs, from rakhis for kids to rakhis made out of Zari Zardosi.

The festival of Raksha Bandhan has also been able to generate more sources of income for women and Shree Rakhi is employing artisans from Kolkata and nearby.

The various regions of West Bengal have rakhi manufacturing hubs, which makes this industry quite unorganized. This is where Shree Rakhi is playing a major role.

The business holds an annual dealer’s meet where they pre-book rakhis for rakhi wholesalers and retailers.

Small tour of Shree Rakhi Store

The store of Shree Rakhi can also be said to be an experience center where you actually get to see the on-ground wmaking unique rakhiork of workers with this handicraft. Being one of the largest rakhi wholesalers in Kolkata, they have been generating employment for several years.

The brand has three manufacturing hubs in Kolkata and procures its raw materials locally; some of it, like the threads, comes from Delhi, and a few of the packaging materials come from China.

As you walk into the store of Shree Rakhi Kolkata, on a busy and hectic day, you can find women working and putting the final touches, packaging of rakhis in boxes, and more threads, shining beads, and ornaments are waiting to be made into beautiful rakhis.

With more than 9000+ dealers in their pariwar and more than hundreds of rakhi makers, the brand is able to establish itself as the most trusted and extensive name in the rakhi market.

The store is also their manufacturing unit, where you can find the day beginning with artisans  designs and different big rakhi designs, packing them in, and then making them ready for orders.

The store is bustling with activity, with skilled artisans working diligently to create beautiful and intricate rakhis. The shelves are stocked with a wide range of designs, from traditional to modern, catering to all tastes and preferences.

The air is filled with the sweet aroma of incense sticks, adding to the festive atmosphere. The store provides an insight into the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into the making of every rakhi, highlighting the significance of this sacred thread that symbolizes the bond between siblings.

The rakhi manufactured here at Shree Rakhi Kolkata gets distributed all over the country by going to the rakhi wholesale market in Hyderabad or the rakhi wholesale market Mumbai.

To recap, the Indian Rakhi market is a booming sector, with millions of rakhis exchanged during the festive season. Shree Rakhi, one of the largest rakhis manufacturers, plays an important part in this market by providing a diverse selection of alternatives, including the latest rakhi designs.

We were able to observe the talent and passion that go into the manufacturing of each rakhi during a brief store tour, stressing the significance of this sacred thread that symbolizes the tie between siblings.

With the growing popularity of e-commerce and the desire for online shopping, the Rakhi industry is positioned for even greater growth in the coming years, as more and more individuals seek out the latest rakhi designs for their loved ones.

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