5 Sibling Memes To Make You Go LMAO – Shree Rakhi

Sibling Memes are a fun way of giving an expression to the recent events that are taking place around society. And as we always say at Shree, the colors of siblinghood add a different flavor to life and make it all the way unique as an experience. The memories that we create with our siblings are priceless.

And thus today Shree will take you on a drive across a fun ride of some meaningful sibling memes in Instagram that drew our attention over the last few months. A sibling or not, hope you enjoy them, and if you do, then don’t forget to like, comment and share.

Seat belts tied. Let’s go.

Sibling meme 1

When your sibling ate your chocolate from the fridge while you were away…

All siblings must be able to relate to that situation when you get one of your favourite chocolates from relative who had come to visit your family, you hid that in the most secret place of your fridge, you go to school, and once you are back to check if its intact, it’s gone. And you know very well who could have done that. Well, this meme might seem funny presently but at that point of time there cannot be a greater pain. In fact childhood can never be complete without such pains in life. And childhood is the best when spent with siblings.


Sibling meme 2

When sibling betrays…

The meme is an example of the greatest advantage of having a sibling ever: you can give a voice to your scolding worthy wishes through your sibling and pretend like it was never your thought. But mishaps happen, when even after hours of dedicated training you send your sibling to get passed an important permission from your parents, and at the slightest indication that things are about to go wrong your sibling blurts out your name in front of them And the rest is history.

Now do you find the above expressions in the meme relatable?

Sibling meme 3

When your sibling shares their food with you, their way…

We believe this meme absolutely needs no explanation. Period.

Imagine you are just back from school and after lunch waiting to have your favourite fruits or chocolates stocked up in the fridge. Being generous, and to avoid missing out from the scope of receiving a share of the chocolates, you ask your sibling to have some first. And what they do is eat half a bite from each of the cubes, or eat each fruit by halves, leaving you to no option but to leave the rest for them as well.

This meme is fun but siblings are incorrigible!

Sibling meme 4

When they say you look like your sibling…

Your sibling who has grown up with you, and all through you two have been knowing each other in and out, as to how they truly look like , and according to you how you better you look from them, any day. But one fine morning all your confidence is shattered when one of your relatives come to visit and tell you that you look like exactly like them.


Sibling meme 5

Getting beaten by your elder brother when you thought it was just a game…

Stunts-men are usually born as brothers. In your childhood, especially if you are the younger sibling, terms like chokeslam, tombstone piledriver will not be unknown to you. Not because you necessarily watched WWE matches, but because you were often the victim of your elder sibling who tried out these moves on you at home, each time promising it’s just a game and they won’t hurt you.

Siblinghood is a myriad of colors, and what makes it even more colourful is the smiles and laughter that you just went through while reading this blog. Don’t forget to share the joy.

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