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Rakhi celebration is something brothers and sisters wait for desperately round the year. The season of monsoon in India brings out various regional festivals, many of them are related to farming while very few collide with the Raksha Bandhan. Although Raksha Bandhan is the most awaited festival among the women of India, there are other festivals celebrated on this Shravan Purnima day.

It’s not alone the celebration of siblings, rakhis are considered a symbol of unity and brotherhood which can be between cousins, family members, or close peers.

Rakhi manufacturers around India wait for this celebration. The majority of rakhi in various parts of India is sold by small traders or resellers or shops, but the task is to get in touch with the best manufacturer starts before a month.

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In different parts of our country, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated differently, with some of the festivals not even related to the celebration of brothers and sisters.

Let’s explore the four corners of our country and know which are the other festivals that take place with the rakhi celebration.

Northern India Rakhi Celebration

The northern part of India majorly observers Raksha Bandhan and the conventional tradition of tying rakhi takes place. The people of the Kumaon region along with Raksha Bandhan also celebrate Janopunyu.

On this day Bhramans change their sacred thread which is in the regional language called janeu.  On this day, the Bagwal fair is celebrated at Devidhura in Champawat district

Jammu observes a kite flying festival on the day of Raksha Bandhan, the skies get filled with colorful kites and a special thread is used in flying the kite which the locals call “Gattu Dor”.

The name of Raksha Bandhan changes from region to region in India. The locals in Haryana celebrate the festival of Saluno or sometimes they call it Silono or Rakhi. The ritual that sisters follow for this festival is that they place a barley shoot behind their brothers’ ears.

Again on the same day the Brahmins or the priest of the family tie a thread of charm wanting luck, with plums on a polychrome thread, onto the wrist of each patron.

In the North-western region in the Marwari and Rajasthani community, the Lumba Rakhi is the one that comes into the spotlight. This rakhi is tied to the sister-in-law by the sister, as she is considered the better half (ardhangini) of the brother and for a successful marriage.

There are other rakhis like Meenakari Rakhi, Zari zardozi rakhi, Resham thread rakhi, Antique-based rakhi, and Gota rakhi which are highly supplied by the rakhi manufacturers in Jaipur.

Now if you move to Punjab, the people are more enthusiastic about traditions and food. They have eyes for the jewels and also search rakhi’s that have them. The most popular rakhis in this zone are Pearl-based rakhi, Stonework rakhi, Diamond rakhi, Bracelet rakhi, and jewel rakhi.

Southern India Rakhi Celebration

In the Southern parts of India Raksha Bandhan is not much celebrated while on the day of Rakhi Purnima festivals like Avani Avittham are majorly celebrated in Tamil Nadu.

States like Kerela have a preference for simpler forms of rakhi compared to the northern parts of India. People here would rather want Sandalwood rakhi, Mauli Rakhi, and Traditional thread rakhi than designer stone rakhis.

For the people of the Koli community in Maharashtra the rakhi celebration takes place along with Narali Purnima, they make a coconut offering to the sea to pay their respects to Lord Varuna which marks the beginning of the fishing season.

Western India Rakhi Celebration

In the Western region of India states like Gujarat call the day of Raksha Bandhan as Pavitropana. Even though the rakhi festival takes place here, people also visit the temples of Lord Shiva to seek blessings and believed that worshipping him will erode all sins.

Gujarati people are very fond of vibrant colors and the rakhi manufacturers in this region produce a large number of rakhis made of pom-poms, other variants that are popular in this region are Color Crystal Flower rakhis, Stone rakhi, designer Gota rakhi.

Eastern India Rakhi Celebration

The states of West Bengal and Odissa celebrate a five-day-long festival during the time of Raksha Bandhan. This festival is known as Jhulan Purnima, it begins on the day of Pavitra Ekadashi.

People worship Lord Krishna and Radha by placing their idols on the jhula (swing), these swings are decorated with beautiful flowers.

Rakhi is as well celebrated in Bengal, rakhi wholesalers in Kolkata provide a surplus amount of Chain Rakhi, Designer Diamond studded Rakhi, Jewel pattern, Luxurious Zigzag Bracelet Pattern, and Metal AD for the Raksha Bandhan.

People in Odissa observe the festival called Gamha Purnima on this day they worship their buffalos and cows.

Central India Rakhi celebration

In the central part of India, the Rakhi celebration happens in a whole lot of different ways. On this day ‘Kajari Purnima’ is observed by farmers and mothers of the states of Chattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, and a few parts of Uttar Pradesh.

The farmers worship the land on this day and the mothers perform special pooja with their sons.  The main ritual starts with the end of Kajiri Amavasya (no moon day) on the ninth day of Purnima (full moon day).

On the day of Shravan Shukla Navami, the wives of the farmers go to their fields and collect soil in a leaf cup and place it in a dark room away from sunlight and air. The soil is then planted with barley seeds and kept for 7 days.

In the end, a final ritual is performed on the evening of the Kajari Purnima.  Then the wives carry these leaf cups to a nearby pond or river and immerse them in water with a prayer for the long lives of their sons.

The festival also indicated the commencement of sowing barley and wheat making it highly important for the farmers and hence they pray to the goddess for a good harvest.

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