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India's Largest Rakhi Manufacturer & Supplier in India - Shree Rakhi Wholesaler

The Rakhi business has suffered quite ups and downs through the pandemic years, and though the Kolkata Rakhi manufacturers are reviving the market in the current times, it has to go back to its full swing.

Despite this prolonged crisis, Rakhi Manufacturer in Kolkata like Shree Rakhi turned it into a boon for their Rakhi business. The boon of the internet along with a perfect marketing strategy has made them able to take risks and create profits through it.

Businesses of all kinds are found on the Internet, particularly those related to e-commerce. This is one of the most important reasons why many people have started their own online businesses.

The Internet provides an easy way for consumers to purchase products or services. There are several advantages of e-commerce over traditional shopping such as convenience, efficiency, and speed which has made it popular among customers.

Shree Rakhi though is the largest Rakhi manufacturer in Kolkata they supply Rakhi to every corner of the country. The festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated all through India with quite a zeal.

There are initial preparations involved in any festival in India and Raksha Bandhan is no exception in that area.

Sisters go through markets in search of perfect rakhis for their brothers, vendors have to know the pulse of the market and what is trending in the current year, and knowing these trends rakhi manufacturers play a vital role in that.

Each year various fashion trends come into the market and no one other than the rakhi manufacturers knows what to supply to boost sales.

Kolkata Rakhi Manufacturers like Shree Rakhi have been in this industry for more than 65+ years gathering experience and being able to deliver the exact need of the dealers and retailers.

By now you must be wondering how Shree Rakhi was able to survive the pandemic without any towering losses to the business, we’ll go there but let’s excavate the problems caused due to the lockdown and how the rakhi manufacturers, wholesalers, and vendors are bouncing back from it.

Lockdown Survival by Kolkata Rakhi Manufacturers

There is no one in this country who is not aware of the dark days of lockdown. Businesses whether it’s of small or large scale every venture went through a drastic and major economic shock.

The disruption caused by the Covid-19 virus in every sector affected people’s economic conditions, leading to the government providing easement in taxes. It also affected a number of Kolkata Rakhi Manufacturers and many of them did suffer losses.

As the transport was restricted there was less supply of raw materials, and even the completed products had to wait in long lines to be delivered to the required destination. Rakhi business had to go through difficulties like these to meet the demands.

Although there was seen a fall in the market demands as there was no sale in the markets itself for being closed.

Shree Rakhi took a step ahead of everyone in the industry of Kolkata Rakhi manufacturers, taking the boon of the internet they were able to create an impactful online presence.

They did not let the business halt due to the pandemic with the help of their official website and social media leading them to have continued sales in these two years.

Let’s dig into which tricks and policies helped Shree Rakhi being the largest Rakhi manufacturer in Kolkata, to survive in the middle of the pandemic and even after it.

Kolkata Rakhi Manufacturers: Shree Rakhi Went Through Pandemic

After a halt in the Rakhi business due to the Covid-19 virus, this year the sales have picked up ahead of the festival.

Shree Rakhi is one such among the Kolkata Rakhi manufacturers that survived the pandemic and thrived with the help of online expansion. They provided the convenience to buy Rakhi online from their official website, or you can connect with them through WhatsApp or directly have a video call.

This has enabled them to serve a transparent mode of Rakhi business to their customer base and also helped in constructing a solid brand image through this. As Shree Rakhi is the largest rakhi manufacturer in Kolkata they are also the leading wholesaler of this country supplying to every corner.

Shree Rakhi used the boon of the internet to reach out to a larger mass audience and target the ones who are likely to make a purchase. Being a rakhi manufacturer and wholesaler they provide you the advantage to order rakhi in bulk online with a base price of 25000/-.

Another primary reason why they lead in the sector of the Kolkata rakhi manufacturers group is that they lay down economic prices for every demographic group making it affordable for any dealer or retailer and making profit margins through it.

Quality is something that has never been compromised by Shree Rakhi even during the lockdown, even though there was a shortage of raw materials and the concern for the disease their team of 150000 worked relentlessly to cater to the best-finished rakhis to their clients.

With its wide range of products, Shree Rakhi is the one rakhi manufacturer in Kolkata where you can solve all your requirements with just one click. They have generated designs of more than 10000+ giving a plethora of choices to their dealers.

They have used social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach out to customers across India and abroad. They also have a website that offers online shopping options for those who want their rakhis delivered right at their doorstep.

The preparations for any festival in India are always preliminary, and Raksha Bandhan does not differ in this respect.

As they are one of the largest Kolkata rakhi manufacturers they have developed a wide range and the experience to influence the market. Most of the trends in the rakhi business and the foreseen ones are determined by Shree Rakhi.

These tricks adopted during the time of crisis helped them to expand their rakhi business to a different level providing an understanding of the trends of different areas of the country and being exposed to a new set of consumers who can be turned into potential buyers.