The Shree Rakhi Legacy: One of the oldest, best and leading Rakhi Manufacturers in India

The brother-sister bonding of love is made unique with the help of Kolkata Rakhi manufacturers like Shree Rakhi.

As Indians, relationships and their essence have always held a special place in our hearts. We adore the people we love and express the various emotions and depth of our love for them through numerous gestures. In fact, most of us have often gone big on the show because we like it to elaborate on the people we love.

One such relationship that we hold close to our hearts is that of siblings, and not only is it colourful, but it also plays a vital role in our lives.

Brothers and sisters share a love-hate relationship; no matter how old they grow, their bonding only gets stronger. And when it comes to siblings, how we can forget the occasion, specially designated for this wonderful love-hate, forever bonded, sparkling relationship, Raksha Bandhan!

The essence of the festival goes from tying the auspicious rakhi on the brother’s hands to sisters receiving gifts and bonding over love and this unique friendship of siblings. Rakhi celebration marks one of the most ceremonial occasions in Indian culture.

The traditional way of tying rakhi though has both cultural and mythological value it always has been a part of the rituals. Kolkata Rakhi Manufacturers like Shree Rakhi have contributed to this sector for over six decades.

Rakhis are an integral part of the celebration of Raksha Bandhan and the threads are a symbol of celebrating siblinghood and Shree Rakhi which is one of the leading rakhi wholesalers and Kolkata rakhi manufacturer they have been the largest rakhi supplier to this business.

Let’s find out what created them as a legacy brand and how they stand out with their experience and products in the market today.

The Legacy of Shree Rakhi – a reputable rakhi wholesaler and Kolkata Rakhi Manufacturer

A reliable name in the Kolkata rakhi manufacturer, when you are searching for premium quality rakhi manufacturers in India, you won’t be disappointed by this one-stop solution– Shree Rakhi.

Starting as a small business to support the family to meet expenses now the company is the largest and oldest rakhi manufacturer in India. Shree Rakhi has been a pioneer in the rakhi industry supplying every type of rakhis all over the country and even outside.

Now the owner and the Director and the third generation of this legacy rakhi brand Kamal Kishore Soni recounts how his grandmother started the rakhi business in 1962 keeping in mind the market demand. But the business got shut down and was again revived by his uncle Jiwan Das Mohta.

With Kamal joining in 1979 the company developed a brand of its own and started selling rakhis in a more organised way with his help.

Despite being a seasonal product Shree Rakhi rose up to the success and now has a business of market dominance and is the largest rakhi manufacturer and leading rakhi wholesaler in the whole country.

With the changing dynamics of social life, the dynamics of Raksha Bandhan, too, have changed. And now in the recent days businesses fail to keep up with the trends and recent happenings of the market.

From the eastern part of the country, Kolkata rakhi manufacturer Shree Rakhi has been contributing to the rakhi business and there are many reasons why they are still holding their market dominance.

One of the primary reasons is that their experience of more than 65+ years has made them able to perceive the changing trends of the market and adapt to them in the way helping their dealers and retailers who are buying rakhis from them.

They have turned out to be a one-stop-destination for all types of rakhis that you can think of in the market. From the north to the south they have been able to cater to the needs of the people in every nook and corner of the country.

Let’s understand what Shree Rakhi as a leading rakhi wholesaler and rakhi manufacturer does they offer that makes them so popular with a large number of buyers coming back to them again and again.

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Best Brand of Kolkata Rakhi Manufacturers – Shree Rakhi

What as Kolkata Rakhi Manufacturer Shree Rakhi has to offer?

With numerous life changes and how we interact with one another, the celebrations surrounding Raksha Bandhan and tying rakhi have also evolved.

Nowadays, more people are opting to stay in other cities due to different needs and expectations in life and career, and as a result, with time, the brothers-sister relation too has spread across cities and countries.

The rakhi celebration might have evolved, but the gesture essentially continues to be the same, and to suffice the situation, rakhi manufacturers too have evolved.

Shree Rakhi with this evolution has made great improvements in its business, such as introducing an online platform, a wide range of designs to choose from, high-quality rakhis at affordable ranges, and attractive packaging with hassle-free delivery.

Starting with the online portal and the benefits it has provided to the dealers and buyers.

  • Online Platform of Shree Rakhi  – Being one of the leading rakhi wholesalers and largest rakhi manufacturer in India Shree Rakhi provides a platform for its customers to buy rakhi in bulk online creating a new-age convenience.

Every year with changing trends and the market following different demands, it is important to excel in the competition. Shree Rakhi does this by providing the perfect platform to place orders.

If you are wondering what to get this rakhi and what designs are going to bring good profit in this Raksha Bandhan sale, then there is no place best than the official Instagram page of Shree Rakhi.

And after you know what you want just, reach for our official website and click on the Order Now or the Shop tab and find out the categories from which you need to get your desired rakhi designs.

The benefit of ordering rakhi in bulk is that you can find everything you need under one roof, as well as saving your time and the ease of payment without worrying about any extra charges.

They also provide you with delivering rakhi to each and every location in the country. Shree Rakhi is your answer no matter where you are located and how many rakhis you need to buy. This Kolkata Rakhi manufacturer makes it easy for you by lending their expertise and knowledge.

Not only do they provide you with the online portal to solve your queries but you can also reach out to Kolkata’s rakhi manufacturer offline too.

  • Wide Range of Rakhi Designs – Not only is Shree Rakhi one of the leading names as a rakhi manufacturer in India, but they are also a place where you can find any design and colour of your choice or need.

There is a plethora of rakhi designs, themes and categories that you can choose from. “Sky is the limit” – something that Shree Rakhi has taken seriously.

As they have been able to grasp the trends of the rakhi market and cater to the need of the various demands of the business with the help of their long-term experience, Shree Rakhi presents to you an array of designs that are sure to make you stand out.

Shree Rakhi being one of the leading Kolkata Rakhi Manufacturer provide the maximum variety of rakhi designs in the market during the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

In one place you can find the best AD (American Diamond) Rakhi and the best Lumba rakhi made better than the rakhi manufacturer in Jaipur. The other rakhi designs category that you can avail of from their official site – are the Handicraft Rakhi category, Pendant Rakhi category, the Dori Rakhi category and the Loose Dori Rakhi Category.

Though designer rakhis are the most popular from the house of Shree Rakhi is the Kids Rakhi Category. Kids rakhi is the most trending and requires the most knowledge and experience.

Here at Shree Rakhi, you can find the best designs for kid’s rakhi and they know which are the ones that are popular in that particular year making it highly secure for you to invest in them.

Till today Shree Rakhi has crafted more than 10000+ designs with a team strength of 150000 and increasing each year. They have generated employment by appointing great crafts and providing employment to the people.

Whenever you plan to order rakhi online, all you have to do is visit their website and choose from your favourite rakhi designs.

From rakhi specially designed for Kids and Zardozi rakhi to Bhaiya Bhabhi pair rakhi and Lumba, Shree Rakhi, Kolkata Rakhi manufacturer has something for all of you.

  • Packaging is the key – Shree Rakhi is a name synonymous with care. It serves its customers intending to provide top-class wholesale rakhi offline and wholesale rakhi online and ensures that they align with the latest demands and trends.

Based in Kolkata, Shree Rakhi has served the rakhi industry for over 65+ years and operates pan-India, catering to customers looking to buy rakhi in bulk online; basically, wholesale rakhis. This is the reason Shree Rakhi is known to be the largest Kolkata rakhi manufacturer.

Always focusing on packaging and designing over ten thousand rakhi designs every year, Shree Rakhi has been one of the top go-to places for customers’ needs for rakhi wholesalers.

From the very beginning, they have made sure the packaging is top-class. It is important for the packaging to be beautiful and pleasing to the eye as various as it has a special appeal to the product.

The top-selling rakhis from the house of Shree Rakhi are presented in beautiful packaging giving out a subtle and elegant look to them.

  • High Quality and Affordable Prices – Though it sounds unbelievable Shree Rakhi is the only Kolkata rakhi manufacturer that offers the highest quality rakhis under affordable ranges.

The price ranges created here are greatly economical and are affordable for any demographic group making it available for any business whether you are a small retailer or a large-scale dealer.

The name Shree Rakhi itself is the assurance of the quality of the rakhis here. But even though sometimes online shopping can be a bit too intimidating for you, quality becomes a genuine concern.

So let me assure you that being one of the largest and leading rakhi wholesalers and rakhi manufacturers in India Shree Rakhi is the best place to find the optimum quality rakhis at the most affordable wholesale rates.

The rakhis are made out of the finest raw materials and are hand-crafted by skilled artisans.

The purchasing rakhi in bulk online or offline here at Shree Rakhi you get each carton box of 5000/- worth. As you choose rakhis of a certain category they have a carton box that contains the number of rakhis of that particular category.

To make it simple each carton box is 5000/- each and all the rakhis in their particular category have price ranges, the average of that price range is the average price of that category. Now as you divide the carton price by the average price that is the number of boxes you will get in each category with a mix of rakhis of that particular category.

Now with all this information, it is normal to have more questions for the leading rakhi wholesaler and rakhi manufacturers in India Shree Rakhi do hold an important role in the rakhi business.

Let’s answer for you some of the popular questions that arise for this rakhi manufacturing company.

Does Shree Rakhi have the option of customization?

Well, it’s a question very common for rakhi businesses and those who buy rakhi online from Shree Rakhi for their store. The answer to this question is yes, but there are conditions to it.

Customization can take place with an order of more than 1 lakh. But mostly the customization of rakhis takes place with returning buyers who came back a majority time.

Does Shree Rakhi Organize Meet Ups?

Shree Rakhi now serves in 650+ districts and 1000+ villages across India. They follow an organised business model with 9000+ dealers across the country.

Every year they organize dealers’ meets in Delhi and Hyderabad, where the dealers pre-book rakhis in one go and where more than two lakhs of dealers and retailers participate.

Delivering Pan India and Outside

The delivery of rakhis that are ordered online here at Shree Rakhi is the benefit that gets tagged along.

It is made hassle-free keeping in mind how hectic it becomes for people to buy rakhi and get it transferred to their store. Shree Rakhi does it with only just a few clicks.

As you order from Shree Rakhi, your order gets delivered to your desired location and to any remote location all around the country. They also provide you with a tracking ID  so that you can have a real-time view of your order status.

They also export rakhis outside India to countries like the UK, Australia, the USA, Mauritius, Fiji, and other parts of the world. The brand also sells to various gifting companies.

So, if you are a business planning to buy rakhi in bulk online or asking around for reliable rakhi manufacturers to start your business or typing on Google for rakhi wholesale online shopping to expand your business, Shree Rakhi is your stop.

Tying it all together rakhi wholesale online shopping from Kolkata Rakhi manufacturers like Shree Rakhi is the best way to ensure that you can find good profits and a well-going business.

The season for people to start looking to buy rakhi online and businesses to look for rakhi wholesale market in Kolkata or rakhi wholesalers near me is still a few months away.

But to make a mark and earn that competitive edge, you need to start planning and building your rakhi base from now itself.

You already have a reliable answer for your search for one of the best rakhi manufacturers in India and a website to buy rakhi in bulk online.

Shree Rakhi is a name you can trust and recommend to others as an option for online rakhi wholesale.

So, get set go, to buy rakhi in bulk online from Kolkata rakhi manufacturer – Shree Rakhi