How to start your own Rakhi business: Insights from a Rakhi Manufacturer

Rakhi Manufacturer

Are you looking for a lucrative business opportunity to tap into during the festive season? Well, look no further! The vibrant and culturally rich festival of Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi, presents the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to start their businesses. Rakhi manufacturer play a significant role, both directly and indirectly, in setting up Rakhi businesses. That’s where you’ll get your Rakhis. This blog post will guide you to kick-start your Rakhi business and make the most of this traditional and popular festival. So, get ready to tie the knot of success with these simple yet effective tips!

Why choose Rakhi as a business?

Choosing to start a business focused on Rakhi, the traditional Indian festival of Raksha Bandhan, can be a lucrative and fulfilling venture for several reasons:

  • Strong Market Demand

Raksha Bandhan is influenced by the tradition of exchanging Rakhis, creating a consistent demand for Rakhis. The market for Rakhis evolves with trends and consumer preferences, ensuring sustained interest and growth potential. In 2023, the Rakhi market in India had a turnover of more than 12,000 crore and is expected to grow by 30% annually. 

  • Seasonal Business Opportunity

Raksha Bandhan provides businesses an opportunity to boost sales during peak season by focusing on marketing and sales. Seasonal businesses like Rakhi can benefit from better inventory management, which reduces storage costs and avoids excess unsold stock. Entrepreneurs can optimize resources, leading to better productivity and cost management. Festivals also attract customers to spend on quality Rakhis.

  • Low Initial Investment

Rakhi businesses can be run from home, reducing initial costs like real estate, utilities, and maintenance. Unlike other businesses that require maintaining a large inventory, Rakhi businesses can operate on a made-to-order basis or with minimal stock. This allows for flexible cash flow management and quick recovery during Raksha Bandhan season, making it a financially sound business choice.

Steps to start a Rakhi business

  1. Market Research 

To succeed in the Rakhi business, it’s crucial to understand the target audience’s demographics, lifestyle, values, and purchasing behavior. You should research the latest Rakhi design, materials, and packaging trends, and gather customer preferences through  historical sales data, consumers walking in to your shops.

  1. Business Planning 

Starting a business involves defining objectives, creating a strong brand, selecting sales channels, establishing a competitive pricing strategy, creating sales forecasts, managing the supply chain and inventory, and registering with authorities for legal operations and tax compliance. 

  1. Rakhi manufacturer 

Finding a Rakhi manufacturer is the most important step in starting a successful Rakhi business. You should identify your Rakhi requirements, research various suppliers, evaluate potential suppliers, request samples, inspect materials, ask for the latest design of Rakhis, and check packaging quality. You can negotiate pricing, payment terms, delivery schedules, returns, and refunds. You should also place orders based on sales projections and lead times, and implement an inventory management system to track stock levels and reorder points. 

How can Shree Rakhi help you start your Rakhi business? 

  • Shree Rakhi is a leading manufacturer of Rakhis with more than seven decades of experience. We offer more than twenty categories of wholesale Rakhis to cater to various customer preferences. 
  • Shree Rakhi offers the best variety of designs, with 10,000+ designs in all categories and more than 200+ designs in each category. 
  • As a manufacturer, Shree Rakhi offers competitive pricing for bulk orders, allowing businesses to achieve better profit margins while providing affordable prices. We offer Rakhis ranging from Rs. 5 to Rs. 600. 
  • Our established logistics and supply chain mechanisms ensure timely delivery of orders, especially during peak seasons before the Rakhi festival. 
  • We provide the highest quality packaging, including card and box packaging for bulk items and pillow packaging for individual premium Rakhis. 
  • Our robust network of over 600 dealers speaks volumes about our capabilities. We believe in assisting our wholesaler and retailer, Pariwar, in every possible way to make their Rakhis business successful.

To sum up, starting a Rakhi business can be a profitable business venture because of the robust market demand, the possibility for seasonal revenue, and the minimal initial expenditure required. To begin a Rakhi business, it is crucial to analyze the market, formulate a comprehensive business strategy, and choose a trustworthy Rakhi manufacturer like Shree Rakhi. Entrepreneurs can optimize this traditional and special festival by understanding their target audience, developing a strong brand, and effectively managing inventory and supply chains. When looking for the finest Rakhi manufacturer, Shree Rakhi is the most trusted brand among wholesalers and retailers. Contact us at +91-9331150473 if you have questions or wish to place a bulk order for Rakhis.


Q1. What is a Rakhi manufacturer’s role in starting a retail Rakhi business?
Ans. Rakhi manufacturers are critical in offering a consistent supply of high-quality and distinctive Rakhis to a retail Rakhi company. They design, produce, and package the Rakhis, subsequently sold at retail outlets. 

Q2. Can a Rakhi manufacturer cater to both online and offline retail Rakhi businesses?
Ans. Yes, Rakhi manufacturers serve both online and offline retail shops. They provide Rakhis in bulk to physical stores, as well as shipping services to online retailers. 

Q3. For a retail Rakhi business, what are the benefits of partnering with a Rakhi manufacturer?
Ans. Partnering with a Rakhi manufacturer for a retail Rakhi business can bring several benefits including access to the latest Rakhi designs, cost savings on bulk orders, expert advice on market trends, and the assurance of high-quality products.

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