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The trendsetter, Shree Rakhi  is the leading Rakhi Manufacturer for Rakhi wholesalers.

Rakhis are an indispensable part of Indian festivities. Ranging from the yearly Raksha Bandhan celebrations to other events marking bonds of friendship and brotherhood, rakhis are considered to be a symbol of unity. Beyond its role as an indicator of bonds, there is a certain element of sacredness associated with it. This makes rakhis an auspicious addition to Indian festivities.

Rakhis are mostly sold in individual shops in and around the Raksha Bandhan festival, but for wholesale and bulk purchase options, these shops are not enough. This is where Rakhi suppliers and manufacturers come into play, ensuring that wholesale needs of other businesses are met.

There are a lot of advantages associated with buying rakhis in bulk from suppliers. Rakhi manufacturers ensure that they supply a voluminous amount of rakhis to other businesses which is then sold to customers.

Now the question arises how do we find the best rakhi manufacturer around us? How do we know which rakhi supplier to resort to? Most importantly what are the parameters of choosing the best rakhi manufacturer amongst a great deal of options available in today’s wholesale market?

The following points are likely to help you out in finding just the right rakhi supplier for your business needs.

Quality is Our Top Priority of Rakhi Manufacturer

It is a misconception that Rakhi manufacturers that cater to other businesses and their wholesale needs put quantity over quality. The right Rakhi supplier would put quality over quantity any day! In spite of the fact that the main duty of rakhi manufacturers is to provide bulk purchase options to other sellers, the right manufacturer would emphasize on the quality of the product.

As an ideal rakhi manufacturer, Shree Rakhi, operates with the intention of serving other businesses, products of optimum quality.  For us, quality remains to be the main attraction for our buyers. From using high quality raw materials to proper packaging, the overall quality and presentation offered by Shree Rakhi makes it a leading contender in the rakhi wholesale market.

As they say, with great quality comes great feedback! The role of a rakhi manufacturer, thus, does not just end with meeting the needs of their peers. Their responsibility lies in ensuring that other businesses keep coming back to them just for their top-notch quality.

Serving the Correct Quantity at the Right Time by Rakhi Manufacturer

Now that you know about the importance of quality in rakhi manufacturing, you wonder – What about the quantity? Will the selected Rakhi supplier be able to deliver just the right amount at the right time?

Rakhi manufacturers that provide other businesses with bulk orders must deliver the required quantity within the right time. The credibility of a manufacturer depends on its ability to meet the business needs of those ordering in bulk from them.

Getting the order correct along with maintaining timeliness is where Shree Rakhi places the maximum importance.  It is considered a duty, here at Shree Rakhi to provide other businesses with their purchases within the right time.

Shree Rakhi always keeps strict vigilance on their overall production. From quality to quantity, it is essential that other businesses entering into deals with rakhi manufacturers like us, are offered a remarkable experience.

Quality – Checked. Quantity – Checked. What Next?

Apart from the above-mentioned points, rakhi suppliers are tasked with the responsibility of introducing variations in rakhi designs too! New and upcoming designs are launched into the market owing to the efforts of Rakhi manufacturers. The variation and uniqueness of the designs being offered by rakhi suppliers, happens to be one of their key selling points!

Needless to say, Shree Rakhi continues to be a market leader in this segment as well. It offers a wide variety of designs, making it one of the leading choices for bulk purchasers. Shree Rakhi has in store designs ranging from American Diamond Rakhis, Dori Rakhis, Stone Rakhis to even Handicraft Rakhis!

If you are still looking for more reasons to connect to us – we have one more thing to tell you – Our Packaging!

From beautiful cushions added to our AD rakhis to the detailed packaging in which each rakhi is placed – Shree Rakhi ensures that our rakhis attract our customers right from the beginning, from the moment it is purchased.

So, if you are looking for an all-round rakhi supplier that knows how to –

  1. Cater to your expectations regarding quality
  2. Take your bulk orders and deliver them right on time
  3. And help your business grow with a wide variety of attractive designs,

Then Shree Rakhi should be the first and ideal choice for you!