5 best traditional Stone Rakhi For Your Siblings

Rakhis have been an indispensable part of Indian festivities for years now. Rakhis, a marker of sacred bond between siblings has transcended beyond its original use between brothers and sisters. With the passing of time, rakhis have also become noted for their use on occasions denoting friendship and cordiality. With the same advancing of time, rakhi designs have also undergone massive changes. Along with the thread work, rakhis are now available across different designs – noteworthy amongst which is the stone rakhi. The stone rakhi is a fashionable and attractive rakhi design that sets your special piece of thread apart from the rest.

Stone rakhis are available online as a part of Shree Rakhi’s online rakhi design catalog. Owing to its increasing popularity, we are bound to say that it is the best rakhi design till date. Stone rakhi designs at Shree Rakhi range across multiple varieties. From the Silver Stone Rakhi, to Barfi rakhi to the Titan Rakhi ranges, Shree has been inspired by the rakhi manufacturers in Jaipur, to bring to the market such unique and commendable designs.

In order to avail designer rakhi online, one can trust Shree Rakhi to deliver as per their design choices. Stone rakhi designs for instance have been a massive hit with our market. The barfi rakhi for instance has been the best rakhi design in terms of sales and bulk purchasing online..

Designer stone rakhis first started gaining popularity in the rakhi wholesale markets of Mumbai. It was from there did Shree Rakhi realize upon its importance and started offering bulk purchase of designer stone rakhis online – all across India. Online rakhi wholesale has also been benefitted largely by the inclusion of these unique designs. Rakhi wholesalers received great response from the customers when they sold the unique stone rakhi designs bought in bulk from Shree Rakhi.

In case, you still need to have a look at the variety of stone rakhi designs offered by Shree Rakhi, here is a list for you:

  1. Stone Chain Rakhi (Barfi Range)– If you are looking for designer stone rakhis without seeming too bright or extravagant then the stone chain rakhi is perfect for you. Stone chain rakhi offers a minimalistic design but retains the designer factor. You can buy this in – demand design for wholesale purposes. For wholesale rakhi online, Shree Rakhi remains your most dependable platform.

The Barfi Range is already popular with the online rakhi wholesale opportunities that Shree Rakhi gives you!

  1. The Crazy Star Range – With a unique bedazzled, starry design in between, the crazy star range brings out the star in your rockstar brother. The star placed at the centre of this unique rakhi design will attract eyeballs – for those who wear it. For the star-studded Indian festivities, this rakhi offers just the right glitz!

You can now buy rakhi in bulk online from Shree Rakhi, if the Crazy Star range is your choice of stone rakhi!

  1. The Dhanush Range – The Dhanush range is a unique one. It offers a creatively curated balance between the beads and threads. The purpose of the Dhanush range of designer stone rakhis is to give the wearer the classy, premium feel, all from a rakhi. Vibrant use of colourful threads and complimentary beads.

Shree Rakhi offers the Dhanush Range of Stone rakhi designs for rakhi wholesalers who can now purchase it online.

  1. The Silver Stone Range – Another one of the best rakhi designs, the Silver Stone Range rakhis are an immediate attraction. With its sleek and classy look, the rakhi is the go – to – choice, for those who prefer minimalist rakhi designs. With silver thread work emitting a plain yet attractive look, the silver stone at the centre only adds to the classy feel attached to it.

The Silver Stone Range can be availed via the online rakhi wholesale options at Shree Rakhi.

  1. The Tini Mini Range – Just like its name, this designer rakhi from Shree Rakhi is a unique addition to our designer rakhi catalogue. With two parallel layers of silver beads attached to each other, this beautiful piece of stone rakhi design is complimented with a red beaded design at the centre. The threads holding all of this intricately designed rakhi artwork too is red in colour. All of this makes, the Tini – Mini Range a highly vibrant stone rakhi design addition to Shree Rakhi’s collection.

Do you wish to purchase wholesale Stone Rakhi? So, you’re in the proper spot

At Shree Rakhi, we provide you with a wide selection of Stone Chain Rakhi at the most competitive wholesale costs. In the rakhi market, these exquisitely crafted stone rakhis are widely sought-after and should surely be added to your collection. These rakhis exhibit the perfection of their designs and the beauty of art. They can’t be avoided in the rakhi market because they are made with the highest-grade raw materials and packaged in lovely card packaging.

It is a simple activity now to select from the numerous kinds of rakhis to buy with our enormous assortment of wholesale rakhis. However, you may place a bulk order and have it delivered right to your home by using our accessible online site. We provide a wide variety of designs to ensure that you can find the ideal match and stand out from the crowd. We provide a variety of styles that are constructed from high-quality materials, and the eye-catching packaging further enhances their visual attractiveness.

You may now get every style of rakhi on our official website at fantastic wholesale pricing. We’ve made it simpler for you to purchase rakhi online. Without any difficulty, place your bulk rakhi order from the convenience of your home. With the help of our committed team of experts, we guarantee that you receive the best rakhis at the greatest wholesale prices and that you may access India’s Best Rakhis from anywhere in the nation.

Hurry now and visit our official website to place your online rakhis order.

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