10 Truth About Brother Sister Relationships!

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Every relationship is special in its own little way and among them, brother sister relationship has seen more colors. While romantic relationships feed your heart, a best friend cum soulmate connection feeds your soul…

But while such relations are quite affirmative, there are also some other bonds that you can’t choose but only let grow. Specifically, when it comes to exploring the relationship between a brother and sister, there is no end to the ambit of emotions invested in its uniquely evolving folds.

A strong sibling bond can have a significant impact on one’s life. Brothers and sisters who share a close relationship tend to be more empathetic, have higher self-esteem, and better communication skills. The bond between siblings can offer a sense of security and provide emotional support during tough times.

Additionally, a strong brother sister relationship can influence the development of social skills, provide opportunities for learning, and offer a lifelong connection. Whether dealing with sibling rivalry, nurturing a healthy connection, or learning from one another, maintaining a strong sibling bond can enrich our lives in countless ways and contribute to a happier and more fulfilling life.

Exploring the Unique Dynamics of a Brother Sister Relationship

The brother sister relationship shared between the two is not only filled with love and affection but a million feelings. Thus, today Shree Rakhi brings to you a few facts about the wonderful bond shared between brother and sister:

Truth #1:
Brothers and sisters share a unique bond– It’s a love- hate relationship that symbolizes every brother and sister bond. Every brother and every sister on the face of this earth will know the ever-changing dynamics of their inexplicable relationship. Like someone rightly said, a sibling is one you would gladly save by donating your kidney, but you will tear the heavens apart if they ask for a piece of your chocolate!

Siblings indeed share a relationship that is whimsical.

From going days without talking to them because they wore your shirt without your permission to getting anxious when they are quiet because of their nagging tonsillitis- love cannot go wackier than this! You love them enough to pray for their happiness yet perhaps also resorting to plotting to have your revenge on them for the time dad gave you a thrashing at their behest.

Truth #2:
Brothers and sisters can learn from each other – Siblings with sisters are better at talking to girls. There is a greater degree of sensitivity and listening skills in boys who grew up with sisters. Studies show that when you pair people up in 5- to 15-minute conversations, as if it were a speed date, the males who grew up with sisters tend to do better than the ones who grew up with brothers or as only children. Similarly, the females with brothers tend to do better with boys. This is because you learn a little bit about how to turn the tumblers of the opposite sex.

Truth #3:
Sibling rivalry is common-Teasing is what increases the intensity of the love- hate thing more than ever. If your elder brother has never for once told you that you were adopted, then most likely you indeed are adopted!

From picking you out of the trash can to betting on how Mumma loves him best, every brother takes it upon himself to make life miserable for his poor younger sister! But who said he would be spared just yet?

No wonder one fine day the boy wakes up all dainty and clad in exquisite makeup because, well, you know, he had to get it back for all that mindless ridicule! Evil pranks, crazy teasing, and of course stealing food- can anyone define the brother- sister relationship better?

Truth #4:
Siblings can have different personalities and interests– During childhood, there was a constant power struggle as to who got the most attention. You always tried to perform your best during drawing competitions, plays, academics, and theater to make sure that your parents felt that you were their favorite child, letting your brother feel that he was far more inferior to you.

Truth #5:
Sibling Dynamics – Even when you have the worst fight, you make sure that you are the one who wins the fight. No matter how that happened—by scratching your brother’s face, biting his wrists, or sometimes even punching his face too—you felt like a true conqueror after defeating your brother.

Truth #6:
The relationship can change over time– Blackmail is the legit essence of every brother- sister relationship ever’. The ones without siblings might find this annoying, but yes, the ones with siblings can’t imagine how boring their lives would be without siblings.

The regular fights, pillow fights, evil pranks and stealing foods are some common memories in a brother sister relationship. The ones without siblings will find it happy to get everything alone, but the ones with siblings will find it annoying and boring to have no one to share with or fight with.

Truth #7:
Siblings can provide emotional support – Kids without siblings get greater exposure to the adult world than those with siblings. Only children tend to exceed other kids in terms of academic accomplishments, sophistication, vocabulary, and often, social skills. They have a great ability to make and maintain friends, and to resolve conflict, because they have to be nimble about learning skills outside the home, like in daycare, play groups, and school. One of the advantages of being the only child at home is that the conversations you hear and participate in, the TV shows you watch, and the vacations you go on tend to skew older.

Truth #8:
Siblings are each other’s best secret hoarder – You cherish the love-hate in your brother sister relationship, it goes without saying that you also are party to some of each other’s greatest secrets let out in moments of unwavering faith! But let things go even a bit awry and there you are- at the receiving ends of a blackmail by none other than the most evil scheming human ever! Of course, they won’t let anything out- even their confidence is at stake. But there’s nothing like eliciting things and tasks out of you in that most vulnerable moment when you are at a loss to think and act.

Truth #9:
Siblings can be protective of each other – Finding a friend with whom you will stick all your life is pure luck and, of course, choice, but not in the brother sister relationship. Siblings are the people with whom you have no other option but to deal. Inevitably, because you end up spending the most memorable moments with them right from your childhood to your growing years and maybe even beyond, your brother or sister means something else to you.

Truth #10:
The bond between siblings can last a lifetime – No relationship can be as unconditional and unbinding as that between a brother and sister. Of course, because you don’t have a way out of it, by the time you do find the means to cut yourself away from that stuff, you suddenly discover that you are just too attached at this point to let all ties go. The person you call your best friend might change but your sibling can’t ever!

However we grow up , in this world if there will ever be a person whom you can come back to after ages of distance and hug back like there was never any distance…It certainly involves your siblings. Siblinghood is a blessing. Cherish it.

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